Wednesday, December 30, 2009

goodbye 2009

I am officially unemployed.. yikes! I have been doing lots of job searching and I filed for unemployment on Monday. It sucks that I've only had 3 days off and I'm already bored!

Today I finally got to use my new snowshoes! Andy had the day off so we drove down to Harriet-Hollister park (because there is actually snow there) and we ran on snowshoes for 5 miles. It's fun but hard and I have some blisters! Andy got me these neoprene booties from Fleet Feet which were a huge help and I did not get any snow down my socks. He did, and now he wants some of the booties also!

My brother is here for New Years for a wedding and he's supposed to be staying with me but I don't know how it's going to work, because he likes to go out and party and I do not. He's supposed to stay here tonight but I have to go to bed early so I can go to an appointment at a temp agency at 8:30 am tomorrow morning, and he's going out tonight and probably won't be done with that until 2 am or something. There is no way I'm waiting up for him. And then the wedding is New Years Eve. I had plans but now Andy has to work New Years Day, so I don't think that's happening anymore, and I really don't care at all if I have plans because I don't really care about drinking, but again, my brother is supposed to be staying here so I don't know how that is going to happen.. This is why I dislike having houseguests.

Maybe I will write a New Years resolutions entry soon!

Monday, December 7, 2009

lazy girl

Alright, so I still have not posted about the Philly Marathon, I know. I will get to it.

The marathon was 2 weeks ago yesterday, and today I FINALLY get to run! I have not taken 2 weeks off from running in several years (other than when I sprained my ankle).. ever since I got back into running after my hiatus during college. It's only a 30 minute run, but there is something about winter running that I love. I dread it all day because it sucks to run when it's dark out and it's soo cold when you first get going, but I love the feeling once I'm warmed up and breathing in the cold air feels so refreshing! I also got my Dions yesterday (early xmas present from Mom and Dad) and I'm hoping for some snow so I can try them out!! I have the Snow Cheap series lined up for this winter hopefully.. maybe some other snowshoe races as well.

Otherwise, I'm taking it pretty easy for December.. doing 30 min sessions of each sport 3x this week. I had been out of the pool and off the bike for almost 2 months until last week.

Getting back in the pool was rough. I'm a big slacker when it comes to swimming because I just get so bored. And I'm already an ok swimmer so I just assume that my fitness level will pull me through. Not going to work for IMLP!!!! When I was training for Musselman I was doing 20 mins in the pool maybe 2 times per week. Not great. So doing 30 after no swimming since Finger Lakes was not fun. And flip turns are not my greatest strength. I only learned how to do them last year when I was masters swimming with Dan Dubois. So they make me really tired towards the end of my set and I can really feel it! But it's good. I feel good when I get out of the pool!

I'm rambling. My job's end date is creeping closer (I have 3 weeks left) and I continue to get more and more nervous. The guys in charge of me at Kelly are working on finding me another position but I have heard nothing yet.