Friday, October 2, 2009

lazy girl

I have done nothing significant since FLT. I took a week and a half off with the bike. The weather has been really shitty but I got a break on Wed. and went for a short ride. It was a little chilly but I lived. I do need to get toe covers. I'm doing an F1 duathlon on Sunday which I feel very unprepared for, but oh well! I was going to ride today but the weather is nasty, AGAIN. I always say I'll ride on my trainer.. but it never happens. Yes, I am lazy.

Last weekend (on Saturday) Andy and I went to Mendon Ponds Park and did a long run there. I did 14 and he did 15. I mapped out a big loop. It rained almost the entire way. We ran together for about 5 miles and then he left me in the dust. I managed to twist my left ankle 3 times during the run. I think it's very mildy sprained but it's not really bothering me at all to run. I will probably tape it for the duathlon because the 6 miles of running are all on trails in Mendon Ponds Park. We ended up completely soaked and miserable, but other than that the run went pretty well. I held a 9 min pace pretty easily and it's not real flat down there. I felt great above the waist, and my legs were just dead from the pounding. Not necessarily tired, just my knees were killing me. I guess that's the whole purpose of the long run - to get your legs used to hours and hours of the same motion and the feeling of pounding on the pavement for so long.

I'm irritated at my ankle. I had tendonitis in it in high school. I can't wear spikes anymore (not that I have a need to these days). I have to wear heavy stability shoes and I have custom orthodics. I've sprained it 3 times in the past few years. It's just annoying to have to deal with.

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