Monday, November 14, 2011


Last post published on Oct. 24.. wow. Slacker alert!

It's late and I'm feeling not so great.. and tired.. so I think I will do a bullet list of updates to my life.

  • First things first, I won a week of vacation days to use next year in our company's United Way campaign raffle.. it was the grand prize! There are no words to describe how freakin' excited I am to have won this! Only ONE person out of everyone who works at our Rochester plant (there are 4 buildings in total) wins this grand prize (other prizes are 1 vacation day, gift cards, gift baskets, sometimes electronics such as ipods, etc.). The only other thing I have ever won in my lifetime was a set of limited edition collector's coins at a Chinese auction when I was like 10 years old. Needless to say.. I am PUMPED!
  • I am road tripping to Toronto on Saturday with my friend Ari.. a spontaneously planned trip as of last week that I am excited for, having never been to Toronto (at least not when I was old enough to remember it). Although I guess there ARE some things that I need to worry about, such as exchanging some money, how I am going to navigate/stay informed/exist without my cell phone (no way am I getting roaming charges!), what we are actually going to do when we get there, etc. Should be exciting!
  • I made a budget this past week and it was totally depressing. Turns out, I spend WAY more on monthly bills than any normal person should. I really don't think I have a lot of extra costs, other than of course, the horse, who is slowly but surely sucking my money away as fast as I can earn it. Other than that, I have cheap, 13 channel cable, the cheapest, slowest internet option that exists, I keep my apartment freezing cold all winter long to keep my heat bills down, I don't go out to dinner or drink a lot, and my main forms of entertainment are via Netflix/Hulu+ or occasionally a movie in the theatre. So it's a little frustrating when I am searching for ways to cut costs and there doesn't seem to be much there. My one really bad habit is buying stuff I don't need - so as of Friday, after buying the new (and final) Harry Potter movie on Blu Ray (come on.. I couldn't NOT buy it!), I effectively ended my extraneous spending completely. I have a feeling.. it's going to SUCK. 
  • I am plant-sitting for Matthias while he spends the next 2 months back and forth to different places. One is an orchid and the other I can't remember the name of, however it is not good for cats (i.e. poisonous) so I had to put that one way on the top of my bookshelf where she can't get to it. The orchid is on top of my fridge because he likes that one and doesn't want Fiona to eat it either. I hope to god I don't kill them.. I have never successfully taken care of a plant..
  • I sold my Garmin 305 this weekend with the help of Gretchen and the Moms in Motion message board (thanks Gretchen!). I also have a pair of hot pink Zensah compression socks, size S/M that I have never worn because they are too big for me. Seriously, please someone buy them. They are so pretty and pink! I will sell them for $35 which includes shipping!! PLEASE!!!!!! They are just sitting in the box they came in and are taking up space in my apartment (as well as money that could be in my bank account). Someones calves need to be loved by some pretty pink compression sleeves, right?


  1. Hey! Congrats on winning the trip, that is freaking awesome!!

    Good luck with the orchid. I kill those regularly. Put it in the bathroom, they like the dampness. That is what people who make them live have told me.

    I am freaking out about money myself. I think the one thing I do is buy little things I don't really NEED. Like on my kindle...duh. SO anyway I am also cutting myself off.

  2. Ur gonna go visit strip clubs in Toronto! I know it! ;)

  3. I'm in the running for the blog slacker award too... my last post was Oct 20!! Oops.

    Awesome about the extra week of vacation! So jealous.

    I hear ya on the budget issues... I've recently played around with creating a budget, and it sucks. Let's just say that after this month (MusselMan 70.3 and *hopefully* IM AZ registration fees), the "race budget" will be on a severe deficit :(

  4. How do I know what size compression socks I need? That is a great price..I may want to buy them

  5. Winning a week of vacation is awesome!

    Good luck with the plant sitting. Hopefully both the plants and the cat survive. :)

  6. Ugh, so hear you on depressing budgets. Blech. So much easier to live blisfully naive ;)

    Question - are they socks or sleeves? I could be interested :)


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