Monday, May 28, 2012

Not My Year

Sometimes, it just isn't your year.

This year is not my year.

Thank god I am not registered for an Ironman. Thank god I was able to drop from the Keuka intermediate distance to the sprint this coming Sunday (which I actually think I'll be able to race since I have now officially swam in the lake, biked, AND run since my crash). Thank god that Musselman isn't until July. Maybe I will actually have some fitness by then. THANK GOD Timberman (my expensive race and my focus race of this "season") isn't until August.

Thank god wine is cheap.

Thank god I have lovely friends that like to drink wine with me and understand how frustrated I am.

But maybe I can turn things around. I have won the battle against insomnia. My knee feels ok (for now). My injuries from the crash are finally healing. And ready or not - race season is here, and EVERYONE LOVES RACE SEASON!!!


  1. Sending you a big hug... take the time you need and know that you'll come back stronger than ever!!!

  2. Sorry to read about your crash - that sounds scary but glad it wasn't any worse! You still have PLENTY of time to turn things around and have a great season!

  3. The beautiful thing about life, is that it is what YOU make it to be. And what YOU have chosen to do is not be a victim to some of the situations you have been in.

    That's big progress sister!

  4. No, its "EVERYONE LOVES A PARADE!" - Rio

    Glad to see you are roaring on back to life with the SBR!


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