Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello, Winter

Cyclocross season is (probably) over for 2012. There is one more race, but it's late in December and crashing on icy ground does not sound fun to me, so I'm not sure if I am going to do it. It has been a REALLY fun new activity and I can't wait to tackle it next year with some actual training and preparedness that I did not have this year. Plus, my skills have really improved over just the 2 months I've been racing! Even riding in the cold isn't bad. I rode over Thanksgiving with a friend from home, and we hit a bunch of Strava segments where I am the newly crowned (6x) Queen of the Mountain. I rode Saturday with Ari, Ryan, and Chris, and even though it was only 30 degrees out, I stayed very comfortable. I then raced Sunday at Beaver Island State Park in what was probably my most disappointing race of the season. There was a long beach run and LOTS of slippery mud - not exactly my forte. And adding to those lovely conditions were rain and wind. The constant mud on my bike for the past 3 months (and subsequently, all over my apartment) FINALLY prompted me to buy a hose and figure out how to work the spigot that is outside of my apartment. God, how boring is my life if I am blogging about a hose....

Ari, me, and Ryan after our ride
Other than riding on weekends, I have been staying busy. I have been slightly more motivated to work out, so I am running semi-regularly and even got in the pool on Wednesday! Come Monday, I am full steam ahead (I think..). My job has been keeping me busy too, and I registered for Calculus II at MCC which starts in January. I have been trying to review all the math that I took 10 years ago by watching videos online, so hopefully I can do ok in this course, and then I am starting my Masters in Applied Statistics in the summer! I am also trying to be more social? :)

Mary, me, and Solveig out for Solveig's 34th bday

I went to the PSU vs. Wisconsin game over Thanksgiving weekend with my dad. It was FREEZING cold out, but Penn State WON in overtime, and although I have never been into football, the game was really exciting and I had a great time!

it was really, REALLY cold. does not make for a sexy photo.

it was senior night and this was a rough year for Penn State
Also, worth noting that on Saturday, I held a baby. So yes, I am 28 years old and that was the first baby I have ever held. Progress.. slow but sure.

seriously - here is proof. it happened.
and just for kicks, this is a hilarious photo of my cat, Fiona

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  1. BRRRR! You live in a cold part of the country, but props to you for getting out there and training in it! You must have some really good warm gear to keep you from freezing!

    I'm 29, and I've only held a couple babies too. I should be able to hold my own any day now...

    Stay warm out there!


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