Monday, January 7, 2013

Ski Weekend in Lake Placid!

Day 1 at Mt. Van Hoevenberg
Things I learned this weekend:

1) Lake Placid is beautiful year round.

1) Ski pants are AWESOME! I am going to wear them at home and never turn my heat on again!

3) Men only talk to me in Lake Placid. A guy talked to me randomly on Saturday and then skied with us all day!

4) Learning to snowplow isn't too bad. Learning to turn.. hasn't happened yet.

Day 2 at Mt. Van Hoevenberg
5) It's actually possible to ENJOY winter! And now I am upset that it is 40 degrees in Rochester and the snow is all melting. :(

6) Hello hip flexors!

7) No bridge should cross a creek without guardrails.

8) I am sooooooo slow at XC skiing!

9) My "screaming while riding down hills on my cyclocross bike" thing definitely translates to skiing as well!

10) I can't wait to go back!

Kevin racing!

Solveig skate skiing

me skiing!


  1. Those are much better xcountry trails than I'm used to. Great winter workouts!

  2. That sounds so fun!! I had pretty much all of those same observations/reactions when I started. I'm a fairly advanced downhill skier, but even a tiny hill on xc skis had me completely freaked out.

    I am so bummed about the rain and warmer weather too. It's still early in the winter, hopefully there should be plenty more time for xc!!


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