Friday, October 18, 2013

You're gonna hear me ROAR

I had the most fantastic weekend at one of my closest friend's bachelorette party. Even though Jessie lives in New Jersey and most of her friends are from the Philadelphia area, she wanted her bachelorette party to be a wine tour in the Finger Lakes! (Lucky for me). We rented a huge house in Geneva on Seneca Lake, got a limo for the day on Saturday, and went to ~5 wineries (plus 3 other wineries on Friday night). Everyone else had a 6+ hour drive but mine was only 1!

this was my first time in a limo!

No details ;) .. but it was awesome. I was apprehensive going in because I had never met any of the other girls and being in a house with 9 other people is not my ideal situation. It was amazing how much fun we all had and how it didn't even matter that I had never met any of them! I kept saying "I was so worried about this, I am an introvert" and they kept telling me that there was no way that I am an introvert. (True story - I am totally an introvert though). We even jumped in Seneca Lake in freakin' October!

there was a lot of screaming going on here

good thing I am used to freezing cold lakes

This is my first time being a bridesmaid and I am very excited. Jessie has been a very close friend since college. Even though we don't see each other very often, when I do see her it's like no time has passed at all! I am sooooooo excited for her wedding which is next spring!

me and Jessie!!
Anyways, the weekend was exactly what I needed. I have been so stressed and bogged down with lots of things lately.. going away for 2 whole days and not thinking or worrying about anything was perfect. I came home with a clearer head (plus a hangover and 3 misc. bottles of wine) and with a new attitude. Mostly just to do what I need to do in order to be happy.

I have a bunch of new friends :)
And, I am over halfway through my class! As of right now, the class average on the one quiz was a 55 (which I got a 60 on) and the professor already said that he would do something about that grade (either adjust it or make it worth less). I have gotten at least a 9/10 on every homework assignment (except perhaps this last one that I handed in on Tuesday - oh well). And the project that I spent 20 hours working on before and after the marathon (which I definitely handed in with parts incomplete because I ran out of time/patience).. I got an 89% on.. and with the class average at about an 80, means I got an A on it. It also turns out he "intended" the project to take 7-ish hours and it took everyone WAY more than that, so he is going to cut the following two projects in half in terms of size! Which means that I won't have to kill myself two more times. So it will be manageable, and I am certain I will pass (barring any disasters).. just whether or not I will get the A or B that I need to be reimbursed remains to be seen.

If there is anything to be learned from this class (other than the obvious which is programming in SAS and R) is that I am incredibly tenacious. Sometimes I will get really upset - there are rumpled, tear-stained pages of my textbooks to prove that - and I am terrified of failing and want to quit, but I don't. I will fight on, and on, and on for what I want and think that I deserve. Sometimes it gets me into trouble, but most of the time it enables me to do things like Ironman, grad. school, etc.

I think I am going to keep writing. I took a loooong break and most of my blogger friends have also ceased writing, but it's very therapeutic for me. I can spew my thoughts into the world without anyone having to actually be on the opposite end of the complaining (unless they choose to click the link).



  1. You are tenacious Alexa! :) Keep it up! Roar!!

  2. Love this post! And this is when we got to be friends! Needs to be an annual trip!

    1. agreed! one of my favorite weekends of all time!


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