Friday, May 9, 2014

Oh hey.. running

My energies lately have been dedicated to a few things: finishing out the Spring semester at RIT, stressing about doing work to my house (read: stressing about it but not actually doing it), getting ready for my best friend's wedding which is in 8 days, and RUNNING!

I have decided to get back on board with racing this year. In the past 2 years, I have done *no* solid racing. I have done 2 Johnny's Runnin' of the Green races - both at minimal effort with my friend Richard. I have done 2 Seneca7 relays (my first year I had NO fitness, this year I ran much better) but I don't really consider them to be a "race" because of the whole group effort thing. I did 1 Johnny's Run Like Hell as a member of a "6 pack" which meant I was attached to 5 other people for the entire race and wearing a ball gown, and basically 4 of them weren't really runners. I ran a Turkey Trot in 2013 wearing way too many clothes because it was too cold to take off my warmup layer.

Seneca7 2013
Seneca7 2014

Cinderalla 6-Pack @Johnny's Run Like Hell

I did 1 summer biathlon last summer. Running and shooting. I won it but there were like 3 other women. I also did 1 ski race which I placed in. Again. I suck at skiing, there was just barely anyone else registered.

Summer Biathlon
I have run (not raced) 1 marathon. Wineglass Marathon last year. I PRed.. but my previous PR was terrible. I was happy with how that race went because it was based on 9 weeks of training during a terrible, time-consuming class, but it wasn't a "race." I was there to survive.

post-Wineglass Marathon

I HAVE raced cyclocross, but it's a totally different type of race/approach. So while I count it.. I also don't count it. I could have been better at it if I had trained or stayed in shape. But I did get my CAT3 upgrade which was a BIG deal to me!

Cyclocross at Ellison park
 So this year.. I am doing it. I am going to race to race. I am going to train hard. I am going to stop being lazy, stop skipping workouts, start paying attention to things. I am buying new race outfits (because I am a girl after all). I am going to get up and run in the morning when I don't have time after work. I am going to run in the rain and when it's super hot out.

I have a 5K this weekend, followed by a long run the next day. I have a half-marathon in 3 weeks. I am registered for the Adirondack Marathon in September.

Let's do this! Time to shake things up!

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