Thursday, January 14, 2010

winter woes

Winter is here in full swing. Running now sucks because the sidewalks are not cleaned well in Rochester. Seriously, I'm running slower than 10 min/mile in this crap because it's soggy, slippery and really deep in some parts. Andy and I drove out to Mendon Ponds Park yesterday to snowshoe and the roads are clean to run out there, so maybe I will take some of my runs out that way just to feel like I am actually running and not struggling. I have now learned that snowshoeing in MPP is fantastic! The trails are pretty wide and they are groomed so well! We did 6 miles yesterday (I went over my 45 min run by 30 mins or so - oops) and I am getting more and more used to my snowshoes every time I go. The first time I went I was done after 4 miles. Yesterday I went 6 and felt awesome. It was also pretty warm out - I think it was 30 or close to 30 so that made things good. Running in the bitter cold is just awful and I try to subject myself to the least amount of below 10 degree running as possible!

I start my new job on Monday. As much as the time off has been relaxing, I have been BORED out of my freaking mind. I do my training, and that's it. And mostly I wind up putting it off because I have all day when I should just go in the morning and do it. I am not looking forward to the hours of the new job, but I'm getting paid more than my last job, so the money will be nice. I have an expensive race season ahead of me! Yay!

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