Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yessss. So I am reviving this blog. I have been at this IM training for almost 3 months. It has gone quite smoothly up until this week. I ran Johnny's Runnin' of the Green last weekend. I ran over to the start with Andy. It was chilly and rainy. I felt GREAT during the race.. much much more in shape than last year. Mile 1 was pretty quick, 2 and 3 were a little slower, but then I picked it back up for miles 4 and 5. I was a minute faster than my time last year. I finished in 36:11 and I think that puts my pace somewhere around a 7:07.. which is great! Lots of Train-This teammates there!

So that was good news.. bad news is that I totaled my poor Ford Focus 2 weeks ago by pulling out of my driveway and into an oncoming car. So I freaked out for a week about how I was going to buy a car. Then my dad found me a car in Vestal and I wound up getting it. I just picked it up yesterday! It's an '09 Hyundai Elantra Touring (in the USA, touring = wagon but apparently Americans don't like wagons so they try to make it more appealing. Here in the US of A we only like giant SUVs and not sensible, practical cars). It's bright red, has TONS of room in the back for bikes/gear, can play my ipod.. I love it!
This week was my biggest training week so far but unfortunately I was just overloaded with things.. car shopping, appointments, going to pick up my car, and lack of sleep. I made it through Thursday and then I was so fried that I skipped my workout, intending to make it up today (Sunday). Just didn't happen. Ran 1:45 this morning and then my stomach started acting up and I am just exhausted. So Thursday's makeup workout didn't happen, and neither did my 1 hr recovery spin on the bike. This is what I hate. I hate missing workouts. I always feel super guilty but I know I have to listen to my body. It's still early. Missing a few hours in March is not going to screw up my Ironman. I know that. I just hate when I mess things up. I know I should at least do the hour on my bike but I am so tired and I have a very persistent headache and honestly I would just rather lie on my couch. I'm lazy, and I suck. :(

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  1. Nah...listening to your body is a good thing. Tomorrow a new week begins.


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