Thursday, May 26, 2011

flowers and figurines

Third post this week! WOW!

Just a couple fun things to write about!

I got an email yesterday morning from my creepy blog friend Kevin (AKA IronmanByThirty) which contained a Bazinga ringtone for my iPhone! It would be PERFECT as a text message tone but unfortunately, Apple doesn't allow for custom text tones yet, so I had to add it as a ringtone for now. I'm so easily amused that I just like to make my phone say "Bazinga!"

Mary feels betrayed that I changed my iPhone wallpaper image from one of her and I after a race to a photo of Sheldon Cooper. Yes, sometimes I become a little obsessed with something. :)

I was just starting my easy recovery run yesterday afternoon when a car pulled up to me with the window rolled down, and a guy (probably late 20s or early 30s) in the passenger seat handed me a flower out the window. He said something which I didn't hear, so I said "what?" and he replied "I was looking for a pretty girl to give this flower to." It's a little odd.. but I haven't gotten flowers (or even A flower) from anyone in probably 5 years. So I don't care if the guy is crazy, or if it was a line, or whatever, I got a pretty pink flower! And someone thought I was pretty.. while I was RUNNING!! (Granted - I was wearing a running skirt, a pink tank top, and pink sneakers which is probably the girliest I have looked in a year). I carried it for the entire 30 minutes of my run and then put it in a cup of water when I got home.

I do not know what kind of flower it is!

I then proceeded to do some cleaning around my apartment, made a Wegmans trip to get food for my Lake Placid weekend, and did the majority of my packing!

It's kind of funny.. a teammate of mine (Don) has this Ironman action figure that he takes to races with him (and training camp) and it's sort of a team thing - apparently it has left Mary a voicemail and it went to Triple T with the guys. I decided that I wanted one too, because none of my teammates are coming to Coeur D'Alene with me and I know I am going to miss them and their shenanigans. I could take pictures of the Ironman in Idaho and Wisconsin, kind of like the garden gnome in those TV commercials (or in the movie Amelie). Don offered me his Ironman but it's really big (it's like a foot tall) and I think I am going to have zero free space in my suitcase! And then oddly enough, someone actually bought me a smaller version of the Ironman action figure! So now I have my own and it was purely coincidental!!
I.. am.. Ironman..
I bet Mr. Ironman is excited to come to Idaho with me in merely 4.5 weeks! :)

On the triathlon front, Mary has me working on my nutrition plan for IMCDA. She had me fill out this crazy spreadsheet which details my grams of CHO, protein, and mg of Na over each section of the race and then total numbers. Of course I did this in the middle of the night because that's the only time I have right now, so it was kind of ridiculous trying to divide and add and whatnot during an overnight. But I got it done!!


  1. awww love the flower :-) Its the little things!

  2. Ok, the flower thing is a bit creepy. Nice of the guy, but still a little creepy.

    Love the idea of the Ironman figurine!

    PS: Sheldon? Is that to mask your hidden feelings for Wolowitz? haha

  3. The flower is a Gerbera Daisy. :) I don't know if it's sweet or really weird that a guy stopped you while running to give it to you! :) But... flowers, from anyone totally brighten your day, so it's sweet! hahaha


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