Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lake Placid, flat tires, and race season!

I went up to Lake Placid over Memorial Day weekend to do some big training miles. I haven't felt the urge to write about it because I still haven't decided how I feel about the training that I did.

I rode the entire bike course on Saturday (well, 111 of the 112 miles). I got caught in a thunderstorm for the last mile of that ride and got completely drenched. I did a split long run on Sunday while the humidity was on high in Lake Placid, with a 2 hour bike in the middle. I am now unable to sit on my bike seat without cringing. Ouch!

I got my 2nd flat in LP on the Ausable Forks out and back section (I got my first flat there the day after Tinman last year). One thing I love about Lake Placid is while I slowly changed my tire ('cause I am not very fast), every single person that rode by asked me if I needed any help. I was FILTHY after changing this flat.. I'm not sure how I got so dirty but I had gross tire grime all over my hands, legs, and most likely, my face. HOT.

I also ran into one of my blog friends, Emily, while riding the bike course. Apparently I have honed my stalker skills to perfection because how did I know it was her? I have seen photos of her bike on her blog and it's a red Cannondale. In the land of Lake Placid you see lots of Felts and Cervelos, but you don't see a lot of Cannondales. I rode up behind her and the person she was riding with right after High Falls Gorge and we chatted a bit. (Note: I asked "Are you Emily?" like the creepy stalker that I am). I had another blog friend up in Lake Placid as well, but I didn't get a chance to meet up with him (because of my strict pass out at 9 pm habit).

Anyways, perhaps I will post more about the weekend. I'm not sure yet. I am in a major funk right now.

I have my first triathlon of the season on Sunday at the Keuka Lake Triathlon. I am excited because apparently, 54A (which I think was the worst road in all of NYS) has been PAVED! I'm doing the sprint (per Mary). Since it is somehow already Wed., I am trying to get my stuff ready to go. I have washed my race kit. I need to get my Zipp wheels ready (ahhhh.. the Zipp wheel drama begins again). I need to clean my bike. I need to locate my wetsuit and get an open water swim in on Friday. I need to clean out my transition bag and make sure I have those crucial items such as: race number belt, timing chip strap, body glide, safety pins, etc.

I got into a minor car accident on my way home from work this morning. An older woman was pulling out of a parking lot and hit me. There is a decent amount of damage done to my car - it is drivable - but I hate driving around a banged-up car. The accident was her fault so it's nice that I can get it fixed without having to shell out thousands of dollars. I lost a whole bunch of sleep today dealing with insurance companies and dropping my car off at the garage. It was a pain and I am tired, but now my poor little car is waiting to be fixed and I have a rental SUV (UGH - I know!) that will get me to my race this weekend. Going from accident to garage to rental car in less than 12 hours is pretty impressive, I think!

More later, I am tired!


  1. Wow Ausable Forks really as it out for your wheels. The only flat I saw out there when I rode the course was on that section as well. Weird.

    Good luck this weekend! Didn't you kill this race last year?

  2. That's seems like it was a popular weekend for bloggers in Lake Placid. I've read several recaps of people training there. Glad you are okay after the accident and good luck this weekend!

  3. What the heck did someone do, throw a bunch of nails in the road on that section? When I rode it last year that is where I got my flat!

    I am heading to Placid in 2wks!

    Nice stalking work!

    Go get them this weekend, good luck

  4. haha i KNEW you recognized my bike before me! love it! so great to run into you. GOOD LUCK this weekend! I'm sure you'll kill it.

  5. I'm dying to get up to LP for a training weekend... I've heard such awesome things about how bike/athlete friendly it is there.

    Good luck this weekend!

  6. I had a dream that you tweet'd "if it goes like today's ride I should be able to finish the first lap of IMCdA in 1:05"! Ha! I'm sure youll smoke it but 50mph??? :)


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