Saturday, September 10, 2011


Last post before IMOO! Yesterday was so crazy that I did not get a chance to post. I got up and headed into the city to pick up my wheels at 9 am. I then did a quick 30 min ride and a 20 min swim as my final workouts before the race.

the great Madison bike path that I rode on!

I then met my blog friend Kevin @ IronmanByThirty and his wife Jennie for lunch. After we parted ways, I hung around at the expo before meeting up with Laurie, who I met through Mary's Facebook page (I love the 21st century!!!), who was kind enough to take me around the bike course! We then made a late entrance into the athlete's dinner which was as per usual. By that point, I was exhausted so I went home and went to bed!

Laurie and I!

Today, I got up and ate a delicious carbo-load breakfast at IHOP. I then packed up my transition bags, got my bike stickered up and ready to go and brought my stuff down to the Terrace to drop it off. I had a quick meet up with Kevin again so I could give him my bike ticket (in case I cannot get my bike out of transition). I then met Laurie, one of her daughters, and 2 of her friends for lunch. By this point it was getting late, so I made my way back to the hotel to sit with my feet up - which is what I've been doing for the rest of the day!

3rd time's the charm!

About the bike course - it is a twisty, turny roller coaster of craziness. I think it's gonna be tricky but also a lot of fun. Definitely will NOT get bored at any point!

Tentative goals for the race tomorrow include:

swim: 1:10 +/- 5 mins
bike: 1:20 +/- 5 mins
run: ??!?!?!?!?!!

If you want to track me:

Search for either "Alexa Harding" or bib # 255!




  1. We'll be thinking about you and tracking tomorrow! Have so much fun!!!

  2. That is one HELL of a bike goal. Just kidding :-) Tracking you!!!


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