Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ironman Fever

Today is my 2 year anniversary of my first Ironman - IMLP 2010!

That was also hands-down my favorite Ironman - best finishing time (12:18), best course scenery, most fun overall experience, racing with over 10 other teammates/friends, having Mary and my parents there as well as some friends. I got some of those things with my other 2 Ironmans, but not all of them. That's what happens when it's the "local" Ironman.. probably from now on I will know at LEAST one person racing IMLP!

I am starting to get a little of my Ironman fever back. I keep toying with the idea of registering for Ironman Mont Tremblant next month, but I am 99% sure I am going to wait until 2014. First of all, I think I need another year off from it. Going from a bad race season into an Ironman season is not exactly the mental preparation that I need. I would rather have a GOOD race season next year (*fingers crossed*) and then tackle Ironman again the following year. Second of all, I am starting graduate school next year and I'm not sure I want to juggle a new grad. school program AND Ironman training AND working shifts all at the same time. Maybe after I am settled into a routine with school, work, and regular training I would be able to handle it. And last of all, I just don't have the money for it right now. Or at least, I don't want to put the money into it (registration fees, travel expenses, passport renewal, etc.). Instead, I am close to having enough money to buy a Quarq Powermeter! So that is something that I am really excited about!

So I doubt I will even need someone to hide my credit card on August 20th! I have pretty much talked myself out of it. :)

Seriously.. why the f*&% do I even want to do more Ironmans? They are time consuming, they hurt like hell, they are expensive, yet..

 I still don't feel like I am done with the distance..

Or maybe I am just that much of an idiot.

(No commenting on that please!).

Carry on, my friends. :)


  1. You are NOT and idiot.

    You are a small idiot ;) HEY OOOOOHHH!!!!

    I am calling it quits on the 140.6 distance next year, and possibly the year after. It's not going anywhere!

  2. Happy Ironversary!

    The Quarq power meter is a GREAT investment!! Training with a power meter has done amazing things for my cycling.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Taking a year to hit up a great tri season before doing another 140.6 sound like a good plan, girl. I’m training for my first this year - IMFL. :)

  4. Hey Alexa! I follow Kevin Neumann and Jon Campbell's blogs, and I found you this way. It looks like you're killing it out there on the CX course. It's pretty cool that you're an Ironman! I'm doing my first next year...IM Louisville. Anyway, I'm your newest blog follower.

    Have a great weekend.



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