Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Letter of the Week is "M"

M is for Musselman on Sunday. ( My first big race of the year! Although I am not as well prepared as I would like to be, I have gotten further in my training over the past month and a half than I thought I would. Running is starting to feel normal again, although every step I take I worry that I am going to hurt my knee again. Should be a fun day - lots of my friends will be out there! Will also be hot, as usual!

M is for Magic Mike which I am going to see tonight with some other ladies who "appreciate" the male form. I think that is all I have to say about that.. :)

M is for Green Mountain Coffee.. which is what has been fueling me this week (is this the longest week ever or what?).

M is for Mornings which I DO NOT LIKE!

M is for Michael Jackson dance parties on the weekends, and then walking 1.6 miles each way to a bar that has a cover, and then realizing that you are too drunk to be drinking any more and need to drink water. (That is not something I did last weekend or anything..).

M is for My life is pretty awesome. :)


  1. Men should not be treated as objects, we have minds, opinions and ahhh who am I kidding, we love being treated like pieces of meat and appreciated! Enjoy!

  2. I am SO excited for MusselMan!! I'm sure I'll run into you at some point, but good luck if I don't see you pre-race!

    1. I'll look for you! I will be wearing a red, white, and black Johnson & Johnson race kit!

    2. Sounds good - I'll look for you too! I'll be wearing a magenta top w/ white straps and black/grey shorts w/ the Steel City Endurance logo. (I am ditching the team top this time because it chafed the daylights out of my arms the last time I wore it, owwie!)


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