Thursday, September 17, 2009

FLT Prep.

I am gearing up for the Finger Lakes Tri, which is on Sunday. I'm simultaneously trying to get my legs to recover from the half marathon while maintaining my mileage in my marathon plan (I'm at 33 miles this week). So I'm cutting out all speedwork this week (a quality day Tues. and a tempo run today) and just doing the miles at an easy pace. My legs are still bothering me a little but tomorrow is a no run day, and Sat. is 3 or 4 miles, so I should be good. My bike legs feel great!

I feel ready for this race. Last year I was a nervous wreck because I had never done an Olympic distance tri. I swam conservatively (I always swim conservatively because I don't really know how to pace the swim) in 30:53. I hammered the bike out in 1:12:19, and then died on the run (due to lack of nutrition and going too hard on the bike) and wound up with a 51:48 10K. Overall time of 2:38:17. When I finished I was extremely dizzy and nauseous, and I had a huge cut down my left arm from my run to transition from the swim exit - I hit my arm on a metal pole trying to get my wetsuit off and then bled through the rest of the race.. which I failed to notice til I was done (had to get a tetanus shot!!!). I've done several Olympic distance races since this race last year and I haven't had such a horrible run since (I literally felt like my legs had huge concrete blocks tied to them) and that's probably because I now know to EAT on the course.

Anyways, sadly enough, this race is still my PR for this distance (I'm owing this to the fact that this bike course rides pretty fast and the run is flat, flat, flat). I should easily be able to take some time off this year. I'm faster on the bike and the run. I was 13th overall last year, 2nd in my AG. I'm in a more competitive AG this year and I think the competition in general continues to get tougher. I'd love a top 10 but I'm not sure if it's possible. I'd also love an AG award but again.. it's a sizeable race. We'll see. I'll be happy with a PR. And no flat tires (because I cannot change those stupid Zipps!) And it's Andy's first tri so I'm excited for him! Should be a fun race because I know a WHOLE bunch of people racing!

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