Sunday, September 6, 2009

Skinnyman Triathlon

Yesterday was my 2nd year doing the Skinnyman Triathlon in Skaneateles, NY. Last year was my first race (and maybe 2nd or 3rd ride) on my Cervelo P2C. This year I have a nice set of Zipp 404s that I have used for 4 races now. Last year I had a finishing time of 1:24-ish, and this year I dropped my time by 3 minutes - mostly due to my bike split. My swim was actually slower by 30 seconds, and my run was 20 seconds or so faster. To show how unevenly I race, I was passed by 0 women during the bike, and 6 women on the run. The sprint distance is not my ideal distance because it requires going as fast as possible the entire time, and I am not speedy, however this imbalance in my racing strategy occurs at every triathlon distance. I always get my ass kicked on the run!

I am working hard now to increase my run fitness (I am doing this through marathon training) and I think it will help me with my triathlon run also. I already feel WAY better on my runs, and I just completed the 5th week of a beginner marathon plan - I'm up to 27 miles per week. I was running 3 times per week before I started this plan (15-20 miles weekly - sad, I know), and now I'm running 5 times per week. It is making a hell of a difference.. even if it's just mental. I just feel better when I run, after I run, and it makes me WANT to run. I am also doing a weekly tempo run which sucks balls but I know will be beneficial.

I can't WAIT to have a coach!

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