Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween means pumpkin time!

Thank you to everyone who commented and left words of encouragement on yesterday's blog post. I read them all and I really appreciate it. It is something that I am going to consider, most likely not for 2011 but probably for 2012. Sometimes I get a little too excited about something and I forget to fully think it through. I have 2 Ironmans to fund next year, and they both require travel. I want to make changes in my life but I want to go about it the right way, and not use the "I'm excited and I want to do this NOW" half-assed Alexa method.

I deleted the blog entry after thinking about it for a while - you can never be too careful with what you say on the internet. I can talk about my personal life as much as I want but when I start talking about other people or sensitive situations, I cannot forget that I have absolutely NO IDEA who reads this blog. When I google my name and this blog pops up on the first page, I need to be careful. Seriously, if you read and you are not a follower or a commenter, introduce yourself (this is an invitation, not a threat haha)!

Anyways, I had a fun weekend full of uniform fittings, seeing friends, carving pumpkins, and watching scary movies.

We are ordering new uniforms through Louis Garneau for Train-This. I am excited about this! I love racing in a team kit but I don't love the current ones that we have (they are made by Champ-Sys). The uniforms look great and fit fine but they do not breath well, so wearing that uniform on a hot day during an Ironman would not be pleasant. The new uniforms will look very similar to the old ones, but the quality should be better. The problem with ordering uniforms is trying to figure out what sizes to get. Even with a fit kit that LG sent us, it's still difficult, at least for me. I am very short but curvy and clothes tend to not fit me well. I tried on a small top and that fit great, but the small shorts were a little too big. (Someone please explain this to me because I am definitely smaller on top than I am on bottom....). Unfortunately, we did not get XS shorts with the fit kit so I am just hoping to god that they aren't too small. We did that Saturday morning at a bagel place so it was nice seeing members of the team that I haven't seen in a while!

Saturday afternoon I drove to Syracuse for a Halloween-themed visit with Ultra Adam. We picked up 2 pumpkins at one of those country roadside stands where you pay using the honor system (which we honored!). Then we stopped at Wegmans in order to get carving tools and some food and he was pissed that all of the pumpkins outside of Wegmans were cheaper, bigger, clean, and perfectly round. Personally, I prefer the slightly misshapen and muddy country pumpkins - the Wegmans pumpkins are probably genetically modified freaks of nature because they all looked identical!

Here are the finished products! mine is on the left!
 I haven't carved a pumpkin in many years. Now I remember why. Cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin is gross. By the time I was done doing that I was tired of pumpkins. And I didn't want to use one of the premade stencils that came with the carving tools so I tried to draw my own.. which I did.. with some help from google images on my Ipod touch. I can draw pretty well but I cannot draw using my imagination so I always have to look at something. Good for sketching still-lifes, bad for trying to design a pumpkin using only my god-given creativity which is nonexistent. We finished them, lit them up, took some photos, and then promptly blew out the candles so we wouldn't burn the house down.

Then we watched a scary movie, which I will ONLY do if I am not alone or not returning to an empty apartment, and Adam thought it was funny to periodically poke me and scare me even more. So thanks for that. It actually wasn't that scary of a movie.. I need to watch classic scary movies such as Psycho or The Shining that I have somehow gone 26 years without seeing (probably because I am terrified of watching scary movies).

Now I am back to work on evenings for the rest of the week with nothing exciting in sight except for swimming with Mary tomorrow morning, another chiropractor appointment later in the week, and a potential visit from my parents!

I am still not working out! 2 weeks til off-season comes to an end and I will be required to get up off my couch.. 2 weeks and counting!


  1. Ahhh!! I hope my medium jersey fits!!

  2. I am totally carving an MDot Pumpkin!!!

  3. I bought a pumpkin a few weeks ago, but it's just been sitting outside my front door. I'm not a fan of the goopy insides, so I can't bring myself to carve it... yours turned out really nicely!

  4. Those pumpkins are amazing! I wish I could carve cool pumpkins like that!

  5. Awesome pumpkins! I hate gutting them out too.


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