Sunday, October 24, 2010

too much pie!

I had a pretty good, relaxing weekend!

Yesterday I mostly laid around, did a very small amount of cleaning, and rode my horse! Today, my legs and thighs are KILLING me from the riding! Cherry was nutso as per usual, however she started out pretty calm but then quickly turned into the she-devil that I'm more familiar with. I still love her though. She's such a good girl - even though she's bad! Cherry had her very warm winter blanket on when I got to the barn. It's been getting pretty chilly and rainy out at night so the barn staff put her blanket on her, but she's pretty furry with her winter coat and she definitely doesn't need to be wearing that blanket yet - it was 60 degrees out! I am going to buy her a lighter, waterproof turnout sheet for this in-between weather. Between the blanket and the new uniform, goodbye to my next paycheck! She also needs a new halter because hers broke! I think I will go for a hot pink one this time (her last one was purple). She looks adorable in girly colors!

My parents came today for a visit. They got here at about 1 pm. They brought me a new cat carrier for Fiona (hers broke when she was at the vet and I had to borrow one from them to take her home), an entire pumpkin pie (!!!!) and some chocolate. Then we went out to lunch and we went to L.L. Bean. My mom bought me a shirt! It was fun.

Also, I have just started watching Glee (I am netflixing it) and I LOVE IT! I am really into singing, musical theatre, and music in general. If they had a glee club or show choir at my high school I would have totally been involved. But.. in a high school with 300 people total, that just doesn't happen. People already had to play multiple sports year round just to fill the rosters. I ran cross country and track, was in band (both concert and marching), chorus, and was in a musical production one year. And there were a lot of people that were as involved or even more involved than I was.

But.. I love watching Glee!

And.. can people please come help me eat this entire pumpkin pie?!


  1. Yum....pie! Send some my way! :)

  2. I love pie. Very much.

    Sounds like Cherry's new stuff will make all the other horses jealous. ha ha


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