Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lazy blob-girl off-season

My off-season = blehhhhhhh. I have been so so SO lazy!

My motivation is still MIA.

I guess this is the purpose of taking an off-season - am I right? To rejuvenate and get excited for next season. I think you know that it's time for the off-season to be over when you start getting antsy to train. That feeling.. is not there yet for me.

Currently, I feel lazy, sluggish, and a lot like the blob. Even with the accompanying guilt, I do not feel like working out. I have relished sleeping for 10 hours a night and clocking quality time on my couch. I do not miss the extra load of laundry per week. My cat is now even more clingy with me since I am constantly at home with her. (Although I will admit that I like when my clingy cat crawls all over me because I feel loved!) :) My appetite is FINALLY decreasing. My urine is no longer fluorescent yellow. My friends know what I look like again. My daily wardrobe has improved (slightly) from running shorts and a sports bra to jeans and a hoodie (heh). I am catching up on the 2 newest seasons of Dexter! I might have even gotten over my disgust of Gatorade that resulted from 238475893475 bottles of Gatorade being consumed from January through September! I still don't want to look at a Gu Chomp though..

I need something to fondly look back on in May/June and then again in August when I am at peak weekly training hours for the 2 Ironmans that I stupidly decided to register for. (I hear that Ironman year 2 with coach Mary Eggers is at a whole new level.. I'm psyched!) I need to keep in mind that halfway through my season next year I will be DYING for a lazy month of off-season.

If I were to keep training right through the end of the year.. I would be screwed for next year. I've been burnt out since Placid and if this is what my body and my mind need in order to get me ready for a huge (well, huge for me at least) year next year, then I'll be ok for a little while as a lazy blob-girl.. I might even secretly enjoy it! And potentially may carve a Homer Simpson-esque ass groove into my couch while I'm at it.



  1. Homer Simpson-esque ass groove!! ha ha

    Enjoy the break!

  2. "Homer Simpson-esque ass groove"........sexxxxyyyy.....

  3. Parts of my body and psyche are still not fully functional. The only thing I have wanted to do since September is swim. Me! Swim!

    I enjoy swimming as much as you. Take time. Your butt will be kicked in no time. You'll be begging for couch time then.

  4. Off season!!!! Yours sounds very much like mine. I'm some where between feeling guilt and not giving a crap and hoping to god that I have the motivation to get my ass moving again come 11/1....because right now there is no way that 5 am workouts are happening! Snooze would win every time.

  5. just chill out chica! But just keep posting, else we'll track you down like a dog ...

  6. I say just enjoy your off season b/c you deserve it. Plus, before you know it, it will be time to start up that training!


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