Monday, August 15, 2011


Time for an announcement!

I mentioned a little while ago that I would be going through some coaching changes soon. A few months ago, Mary got offered the opportunity to join the QT2 coaching staff. This will be an amazing experience for her, but it is also sad because to do this, she will have to leave behind her own coaching company, Train-This. Those of us who are coached by Mary have had to make a decision - do we self-coach? Switch to a different Train-This coach? Switch to a non-Train-This coach? Or follow Mary to QT2?

As much as I LOVE Train-This and love the fact that so many of us are so close, I have chosen to join QT2 and do the Mission Plan option with Mary. One-on-one coaching is out of my price range, and I want to stay with Mary because she understands me, and I've worked with her for 2 years! Train-This will be taken over by one of the other coaches, and I'm not sure exactly who is going where in terms of Mary's athletes. I'm sure we will all remain close, the google group will remain active, and we will all still pester each other on facebook and Twitter. Plus.. there are rumors that there will be a Train-This reunion at Ironman Canada in 2013.. :)

I think it will be good. There is so much for her to learn, which is going to positively impact MY training. Plus, QT2 is huge, so chances are I will never have to go to an Ironman by myself again and have to beg a creepy blog friend, Kevin - who I've never met - to make sure I get across the finish line ok at Ironman Wisconsin. Seriously. I don't know anyone else who is going to be there! Although he has said that after I cross the line, it is no longer his responsibility to make sure I don't drink myself into a drunken stupor. :)

Anyways, Mary starts with QT2 on 9/1. My race is 9/11. Then I will probably go into self-coaching mode for a few months (because this Mission Plan thing is more expensive than my current coaching fees) until I start with Mary - hopefully January 1. What I do NOT plan on doing for the rest of this year is 2 months of nothing like I did last year. Part of that time I was rehabbing a strained hamstring, but I also did a lot of sitting on my butt, which made it that much harder to get back into training.

So.. that's what's going to be happening in the next few months. Changes! Lots of changes! But they will be good ones.


  1. Cool - sounds like an awesome new direction!

  2. Hey this sounds like it will be really awesome. AND Kevin and Jennie rock, they will totally take care of you. YOU know who else might be there as a volunteer that you should totally meet? Derek - I met him at Placid he is really tall. But really super nice too. I can't wait to stalk you!

  3. Creepy?? Gee thanks.... haha!

    Good luck with the new training team!

  4. Kevin and Jennie are totally cool and will take good care of you!

    I say, change is good. I hope this works out well for you... I'm thinking it will!


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