Wednesday, August 17, 2011

not enough time!

Busy week at work, busy (and not so great) week of training = no time to blog. I'm basically just trying to make it through to the weekend, where I will try to make it through my long ride and long run, and then hopefully (crosses fingers) have a rest week next week. MUCH NEEDED REST WEEK.

I am in pure zombie mode - wake up, train, eat, work, sleep, repeat.

So, to substitute for an actual post with actual thought behind it, here are some photos! Some triathlon, some are not. Sorry for being so lazy!

Cayuga Lake Sprint Tri - I'm smiling!

Cayuga Lake Sprint Tri

And since I went to my parents' house this weekend for the annual Harding Pool Party, this is an adorable photo of my brother and I on our Fisher-Price plastic tricycles. I'm guessing I am about 4 here and he is about 3. We man-handled those things!

And since it is almost Fall and I have been reminiscing about running cross country, here is the Elizabethtown College's women's XC team in 2002. I am in the middle row, third from the right. I only ran my Freshman year of college and then I transferred to a D2 school - Slippery Rock U. where I joined the Equestrian Team.

ECXC rocks!
One final one.. if you want to know why I talk soooo much.. I kissed the Blarney Stone!

Ireland, 2003


  1. I just ONCE want to do a race where you get the block tatoo numbers instead of the ghetto hand written numbers.

    What happened to your head in 2003 in Ireland?

  2. I think you need a fit done on your trike. Totally not aero.

  3. Those are great pictures! I love the old school ones! ;)


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