Monday, August 29, 2011

great weekend! but sadly, no photos :(

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend! My training for IM Wisconsin is done, so this past week was a rest week and now I have a half-week of tune-up and then 10 days of taper. This allows me some time to actually play!

Saturday morning I slept in til 8 which was glorious. I then met Kim for a 90 min bike/30 min run brick workout. We rode a great loop from her house in Perinton - Victor - Mendon - Pittsford - back to Perinton. Then I met up with Kim, Travis, Matthias, and Solveig in Webster to kayak in the Irondeqoit Bay. Sadly, I have no photos because I didn't want to risk ruining my digital camera, but it was REALLY fun. I love that I have friends that want to go do things like this. Because kayaking is pretty hard - my arms were burning after 10 minutes and we stayed out for 2 hours! I estimate that we kayaked about 5 miles total. Afterwards, Matthias, Solveig and I went to Boulder Coffee in the city where we sat and chatted, and I drank a delicious frozen hot chocolate, which will definitely be the cause of many, many return trips to that place!

After two workouts and kayaking, I was exhausted and I was in bed at around 9 because I just could not keep my eyes open any longer! That's how you know it's been a great day!

Sunday I slept in til 8 again and then met up with Jon at Starbucks because he was in town for a wedding (Jon actually lives in White Plains, NY). We had fun chatting about Ironman, recovery, injuries, etc. He's heading to Niagara Falls today, lucky bastard.

Here in Rochester, NY, we did not see any of Irene, but we did have high winds on Sunday so I opted to do my 1 hour bike ride inside. (I don't want to get hit by any weird flying objects so close to Ironman Wisconsin!). I went to put my bike on the trainer and doh... I had a flat rear tire! I decided to just replace the tire because it was looking pretty gnarly, so I took the wheel off and while I was waiting til noon (when the bike shop opened), I cleaned my cassette! A few hours later, new tire installed, I did 1 hour on the bike and then ran for an hour in the wind. Turned out to be a pretty good run.

With nothing else to do for the day, I watched some NCIS Season 8 (which just came out on Friday), caught up on some laundry, chatted with some friends, and did some reading.

Spectacular weekend!

I have some good blog posts coming up, I promise! :)

13 days til IMOO!

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  1. It was awesome seeing u again! Sorry we couldn't run. But it was more fun indoors drinking coffee!

    Did I convince u to do Mont Tremblant 70.3?


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