Monday, June 9, 2014

Marathon Training - Week 2

I will call this Week 2 because technically, I skipped Week 1 of the 18 week Hal Higdon marathon plan that I am using (would have been the week after the half marathon and I didn't realize this til halfway through the week). I took 2 days to recover after the race (my legs were TRASHED), did a few smaller runs, and then ran 15 miles on Sunday with Kevin! The 15 miler went really well - we ran from the U of R track and meandered past Dinosaur BBQ, along the river trail, through Genesee Valley Park, and other such places for 2 hrs 15 minutes. It was hot and I got sunburned, but I ran at a brisk long run pace for me (8:55) and felt pretty good. That's my longest run this year so far. Then I met with Mary to discuss my marathon plan.

Obviously, this is a pretty aggressive marathon plan that I am using given my background (endurance triathlete) but I need to do the work if I am going to aim for a BQ. I think some of the later weeks with the 60+ miles will probably get edited (this is why I have Mary) because that is an awful lot for my legs, but there are specific things I like about this plan which is why I am using it. I like: the runs done at marathon pace on Saturday, that the long runs are done at endurance pace and NOT marathon pace (or part at marathon pace even), the tempo stuff and speedwork (it's been ages since I've done it), and the alternating long runs with 12 milers on Sundays.

Monday OFFICIALLY started my training and here is my week!

Monday - 3 miles, 26:51, 8:57 pace (it was HOT)
Tuesday - 5 miles, 46:34, 9:19 pace, done at 5:40 am before work (this is a big deal for me.. Ms. Hates-to-get-out-of-Bed)
Wednesday -3.62 miles, 31:36, 8:43 pace, done with Richard (we ran the Johnny's Run Like Hell course) - usually Rich and I run together on Wednesdays so it will be nice to have a buddy when my runs get into the 10 mile range!
Thursday - 3.63 miles; 30:01, 8:16 pace, tempo run - 10 minutes warmup E-pace, 10 mins T-pace (aim for 7:42), 10 minutes cool down E-pace. I went to the canal path to do this so that I could avoid traffic lights and that was a good idea. The next time I do a tempo run I will do it by miles instead of minutes, because I can't see my splits and I am not sure if I nailed my tempo pace or not!
Friday - off
Saturday -5 miles, 45:28, 9.06 pace, this run didn't feel great and it took quite a bit of self-motivation to get going (including parking at Starbucks to do an out and back and using coffee as a reward for completing the run) but I felt SO much better after doing it! This run really set the mood for my weekend - I had been feeling pretty crappy for a few days and I was able to turn it around and have a great Saturday AND Sunday!
Sunday - 11 miles, 1:43:48, 9:26 pace, I started at around 10:30 am (had a nice lazy morning with a cup of good coffee and an episode of Orange is the New Black), mapped a loop around Rochester instead of a boring out and back, and just enjoyed the scenery for 11 miles! I ran through Mt. Hope Cemetery which I have never done other than in the Flower City Half Marathon (pushing too hard to look around) and it is truly beautiful in there! Also, I had planned to just run down Highland back to Winton but I detoured through Highland Park - ALSO beautiful! I need to do this more often! I actually wish I lived a bit closer to that area.. maybe my *next* house will be there. :) I wore my compression socks during the long run (I usually don't run in them but I used them on Thursday's tempo run as well) and I am not sure if I will keep it up - they got a bit hot and they rubbed a little. We'll see. My left shin is a bit sore so I need to do some ice/damage control with that.

Week 2 Mileage: 31.25

Total Training Cycle Mileage: 46.25

I definitely needed this marathon plan to start up. My summer session at RIT also started last week so I will be staying very busy throughout the summer (or at least for the next 9 weeks). The last 2 months have been a bit of a personal struggle; I broke up with someone who I really, really cared about and really thought I saw a future with, so that has been rough, but I am hoping that things are getting better and that I will really be able to focus myself on running, school, and life itself! It helps too that the weather has been gorgeous and I just want to be outside all the time.

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