Monday, July 14, 2014

Marathon Training Week 7

Summary of Weekly Miles

Monday -3 miles, 26:55, 8:58 min/mile. I basically had Monday off (was working nights this week, Mon 9 pm - Fri 7:30 am) so I went to RIT to finish up my midterm and then did an easy run in the afternoon before a quick pre-work nap.

Tuesday - 4 miles, 36:04, 9:01 min/mile. The first overnight shift is always the worse because I go in on basically no sleep and am just in survival mode all night. I slept ok during the day but felt AWFUL when I woke up. Tuesday was supposed to be my longish mid-week run but I switched it to Wednesday because I felt like such ass. I survived the 4 and not-shockingly felt much better afterwards!

Wednesday - 8 miles, 1:13:32, 9:11 min/mile. Felt much better on Wednesday so this run went pretty well!

Thursday - 6.5 miles, 1:01:29, 9:27 min/mile. Ran to Bay Park West, did 5 hill repeats, ran home. Didn't feel awesome but I did them!

Friday - off

Saturday - 16 miles, 2:24:01, 9:00 min/mile, HR 159. Did my long run on Saturday because I was running the Boilermaker on Sunday. I had a lot of trouble getting up Saturday morning. I was up semi-late (for me) on Friday night and then I was exhausted from the overnights.. it's hard flip flopping from days to nights to days all in a 4 day period. I woke up at 9:30 or so, got around, and headed out at about 10:30. It was ok temperature-wise when I left but then it got HOT and I was baking by mile 10. I stopped at a Starbucks and 2 DDs to refill my handheld which I mostly just dumped on myself to try to cool off a bit. Was really regretting choosing to run in the noon-time heat at mile 12 but I really didn't have much of an alternative. I survived and somehow.. I ran a 9 min pace. Wasn't trying to do this really - just happened! HR was a bit high so perhaps I should have made an effort to go easier. When I got home I changed into my bikini bottoms, went into the backyard and hosed myself down from head to toe! Recovery that day wasn't great. I wasn't feeling awesome so I sat inside with the AC blasting, chugged Gatorade, and fine tuned my midterm before heading to my my friend's family's house in Rome, NY at 5:30 for the Boilermaker.

Sunday - 9.43 miles (according to Garmin), 1:16:33, 8:07 min/mile, HR 166. BOILERMAKER. Race report to follow. Essentially I did this at marathon place (that was my plan B after I realized that *actually* racing was not feasible following that long run on Saturday).

Week 6 Mileage: 46.93
Total Training Cycle Mileage: 235.29


This week went fairly well considering the night shift. I didn't really do ANYTHING other than work, sleep, run, and eat. I didn't touch my midterm at all during the week (or any other schoolwork til Friday night). I managed ok but if I had *had* to do homework, I'm not sure where I would have fit it in. Luckily I only do these night shift weeks about 2x per year. They are lonely and I don't like them. I dehydrated myself on Saturday doing that run in the mid-day heat, and I'm sure I hadn't done a good job at preparing myself in the days prior to the run. Consequently, I woke up Sunday morning pre-Boilermaker with UTI symptoms. Apparently, you can get a UTI from being excessively dehydrated. Which is awful. I raced anyways, felt uncomfortable, and stopped at an Urgent Care on my way home on Sunday to get antibiotics. More on this in the race report. It was pretty stupid of me to do (mostly just not being more careful with water intake). Hopefully lesson learned! On the plus side, I think this might be the most miles I have EVER run in a week and I feel pretty good! :)

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