Thursday, July 24, 2014

Marathon Training Week 8

Summary of Weekly Miles

Monday -3 miles, 26:21, 8:47 min/mile. I got asked out by a guy driving his truck down the road during this run. He told me I was cute, asked me if I was married (no), and then asked if I wanted to go on a date. I told him to keep driving. It's flattering, but, no thanks.

Tuesday - 8 miles, 1:13:44, 9:13 min/mile. I did this at 5 am because I had to go to RIT after work to finish up homework that I didn't do Boilermaker weekend. It also poured so I got soaked, but it's good to know that I *can* get up this early and run if I absolutely have to.

Wednesday - 4 miles, 36:09, 9:02 min/mile. Can't remember this run (haha).

Thursday - 4.62 miles, 40:00, 8:39 min/mile, HR 146. tempo run that I did before work. I overslept so instead of driving to the canal path to do it, I just ran back and forth the length of my street (Melville) because it's quiet and there is basically no traffic that early anyways. Not as fast as I wanted (tempo miles were 8:02 and 8:00). Tempo runs have never been my strength.

Friday - off

Saturday - 8 miles, 1:10:29, 8:48 min/mile, HR 151. Seriously, I can't remember this run. I know I did it because my Garmin says so. I know I went to the barn to see Cherry on Saturday. I can't remember running. This is getting ridiculous.

Sunday - 17 miles, 2:30:25, 8:50 min/mile, HR 155. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep the night before this run, and it was kind of dreary out, but I headed out to Mendon Ponds Park in the morning (because I needed a change of scenery). I did NOT feel very good.. which is odd because I felt great the day before. I still had lingering symptoms from my Boilermaker UTI fiasco and had been to the doctor again later in the week to try to figure out WHAT was going on with me. I was planning on running the Spring Forward 15K loop twice because I like training on that loop. Once I started running, I knew that would be a bad idea. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do the whole run because I felt so bad, and I didn't want to be stuck 5 miles away from my car in the middle of nowhere. I decided to run the 5 mile park loop instead (park at the Beach and then run Douglas-Pond-Clover-Canfield-Douglas) and see how that went. After 1 loop I was in quite a bit of discomfort which was frustrating because my legs felt FINE, so I ran back to my car to text my brother happy birthday (it was Grant's 29th birthday), send a complaining text message to John, and then quit. I thought I would see if I could salvage the run later.. try to go home and drink a bunch of water or something and see if that helped. I had to meet Trisha at RIT at 1 so I didn't have tons of time in the morning to be fiddling around with this long run indecisiveness. I decided to go to the bathroom before I left where I then.. passed a freakin' kidney stone which I didn't even realize I had!!! (I have had them before so I immediately figure it out). So yeah.. apparently that had been the problem for the past week - it must have been mild/small enough to not really bother me much on a day-to-day basis until it had almost worked itself out. (Seriously, sorry for the grossness everyone). I then went and ran 2 more laps of that stupid Mendon loop and added 2 miles at the end for a total of 17 miles! The long run ended up going really well, and I'm glad that I have solved my problem, AND now Mary thinks I am a total BA for passing a kidney stone mid-run and then finishing the run!

Week 8 Mileage: 44.62
Total Training Cycle Mileage: 279.91


This was a stressful week school-wise but I got everything done (homework, quiz, class attended, doctors appointment, and all runs completed). It was definitely nice to be in Rochester for the weekend. I will be happy when July is over and my traveling is reduced! Although I may have more trips coming up than I had originally planned for.. oh boy! As long as I can run and take my laptop, I will survive! :)

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