Monday, July 7, 2014

Marathon Training Week 6

Summary of Weekly Miles

Monday -3 miles, 28:23, 9:28 min/mile. Somehow I did not get out of bed before work for this run, so I ended up doing it late at night (at 9:30 pm) after I had worked and then met Trisha at RIT to do homework. It was blazing hot out even that late at night but it was kind of fun.

Tuesday - 3 miles, 27:47, 9:16 min/mile. Ran in the morning. Miles are starting to blur together at this point.

Wednesday - 7 miles, 1:03:54, 9:07 min/mile. Ran after work with Richard. He took us on a fun route around Bay Park West. It was pretty hot out but having company made the miles fly by with no problem!

Thursday - 5.61 miles, 43:22, 7:43 min/mile. This was a 5x800 workout. I did 800s with 400 m recovery in between, plus a 1 mile warmup and (almost) 1 mile cooldown. 800s as follows: 3:29, 3:27, 3:32, 3:27, 3:28. Quite happy with this as they went better than last time. I also figured out how to display the current lap time on my watch so that I didn't have to totally wing it. 800s went fine but I had some stomach problems during cool down which had me sprinting into Brighton HS to use the bathroom.. yup.

Friday - off (and off work - happy 4th!)

Saturday - 10 miles, 1:35:24, 9:32 min/mile, HR 144. I did this run with John from his parents' house on Seneca Lake. I went down there on Friday after spending the morning in the lab at RIT working on my midterm. The plan was to do 4th of July things on Friday, run Saturday morning, and then I would head back to Rochester to continue working on my midterm. Turns out, I REALLY needed a break from work/school/life and I ended up staying there through Sunday because there was room for me and I was having a great time which included: a jet ski, a motorcycle, a boat, lighting fireworks, too much wine, Tastykakes, actually enjoying the company of a child (I know, this is massively shocking), seeing Greg and Amanda before they left for Texas, s'mores, etc.

Sunday - 7 miles, 1:00:26, 8:38 min/mile, HR 155. After playing hard over the weekend, I went straight to RIT on Sunday to work on my midterm, then went home and relaxed for a bit before running. I wasn't sure how this would go because I was pretty tired and it was hot out, and it was supposed to be at marathon pace which is 8:09 for me. I didn't quite make it there but this is considerably faster than my normal run pace. Something to work on.. and I think I need to be doing these someplace where I am not constantly stopping to cross roads (I did the Merchants-Winton-Monroe-Culver loop where there are a lot of main roads that I have to cross).

Week 6 Mileage: 35.61
Total Training Cycle Mileage: 188.36

Moral of the story is: this was a tough week with scheduling because I was out of town last weekend and got behind on homework. But I made it through, and it's nice to know that I have friends who notice when I am semi-drowning in my own life and help me out. I didn't realize how badly I needed a "vacation" until I was lounging on a boat in the middle of Seneca Lake and did not want to ever go back. I got all of my miles in, my midterm is mostly complete, I actually got to celebrate the 4th of July like a normal person (usually I am doing some horrible training day), and now I am working overnights this week.

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