Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I had a kind of frazzled day today (mostly due to work) so although I am feeling nice and relaxed and happy right now, I think I am going to make this a post of randoms!

One thing that makes me smile is that right now I am typing this blog while lying on my couch, snuggled under blankets, with a candle burning and my cat lying on top of my legs! Also, it is 30 degrees out which basically means we are having a major heat wave in Rochester after the negative temperatures from yesterday!

I did ALL of my workouts last week. All of them! I am OFFICIALLY back at it!

I started a new set of swim workouts today.. and so far, I am loving it (I get bored with swim sets pretty easily).

I am trying to decide how to divide up my year-end bonus from work. Yup, you heard me right! I GET A BONUS!!! This will be the first bonus I have received in the history of my entire life! Ideas that keep coming to me include: iphone, Ironman, savings account, lululemon. I know what I should do with it. But I also know what I want to do with it. And these two things are very, very different! The main problem is that my supervisor has yet to tell me (or anyone else that he supervises) what my bonus is going to be, so I have no idea how much I am going to get.

I got renter's insurance for my new apartment (it's required). Also, by moving out of Rochester and into a suburb, my car insurance goes down by $70! So that's pretty exciting.

My brother sent me my birthday present in the mail, and he got me a cable kit for my Cervelo that comes with PINK CABLE HOUSING!!! My bike is going to look so freaking sexy at races this year!

Also, if anyone would like to watch my swim video from our testing day in Syracuse, here it is! (They call me... THE SHERIFF!!!) Make sure you check out my super-sweet flip turn. Yes, I am self-taught! (You can also check out my cleavage if you are so inclined.. those Splish swimsuit must be designed for flat-chested swimmers or something!).

Wow.. weird mood today!


  1. Holy shit you are a GOOD swimmer!!!!

  2. Is that a wonder woman swimsuit you are wearing?

  3. no it's a sheriff's outfit!! hence why I am called Alexa "The Sheriff" Harding in the intro!!!


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