Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

My new year's eve day was pretty good! Going to bed super early has its advantages - I was up at 7:30 and read a book on my Kindle until yoga at 11 am. Yoga was NUTS! There were probably 45 people at Mary's class.. and let me tell you, the hot room gets WAY hotter with that many people in it. I'm not really a "sweaty type" but I was dripping onto my mat and my hands and feet were slipping from the sweat. Gross, I know. TMI. Sorry!

Kim, Matt and I went to eat lunch after yoga and as Kim and I were walking to our cars I was like "Kim, my underwear is SOAKED." And she replied, "Why don't you take it off? Mine is in my pocket!"

Only ladies of Train-This are THAT classy.

(Sorry boys, Kim has a boyfriend)!

Anyways. I watched "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on my trainer ride yesterday, and then "The Girl Who Played with Fire" on my ride today. I wasn't too sure how well I was going to be able to ride and read subtitles (the movies are in Swedish) but it worked out just fine.

I think I already posted some "resolutions" (if you want to call them that) a few weeks ago - they were all triathlon related. I have some non-tri things that I am going to try to work on during 2011. These include:

-reading more books (should be easy with the Kindle) instead of turning off my brain to watch some movie I've already seen 5 times.

-simplifying life - not buying things that I don't need, getting rid of things I don't use, keeping my apartment clean and picked up; all these things make my environment better and REDUCE STRESS!

-saving money. I have discovered that it is quite easy to save money, IF you have something to save for. In a few months I have managed to save a lot more money than I thought, and I can still pay all my bills and whatnot. It just takes a little willpower - so after I am done saving for these Ironmans, I am going to pick something else and start saving money for that - perhaps a vacation to somewhere cool!

-try not to be so neurotic. I haven't figured out how to tackle this one yet! :)

That's about it! I still have tomorrow to chill out.. I LOVE 3 day weekends! Unfortunately, I have to go back to work on nights for the next 2 weeks. :(


  1. Why didn't I think of that???? I have been dying to watch the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but am never focused enough on a movie to deal with subtitles. The trainer is the perfect place for that! I'm looking forward to my next trainer ride now.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I know! it's the perfect place for subtitles.. because you KNOW you won't fall asleep while watching! and you don't have to blast the volume to hear it over the noise of the trainer!

  3. Happy new year! Reducing stress and simplifying life is my major goal this year too! :-)

  4. Anybody that would photograph Mark and run IMLP in 12 something, I gotta follow..


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