Saturday, June 25, 2011

CDA Day 3!

Today has been an odd day.

I am not feeling nervous. I feel ready, but worried that I am not more nervous! (Hello, Type A anyone?).

I got my wheel situation fixed in the morning. Long story short, at some point yesterday when I was carrying my rental wheels around, the end of the skewer fell off. I did not lose the entire skewer, but I lost the end that holds the skewer in place. So I could not get my rear wheel on. I had to take it down to the IronmanWheels tent today and get it taken care of - those guys are pretty cool!

That being done, I got it set up for the race (installed a Sonic Nut on my Sonic Wing rear hydration system) and then took it out for a 30 min spin on the bike/run course. Felt pretty good but there was a major (think, 20 mph) wind going on and it was only 60 or so degrees out.

I look happy.. NOW!
I have not had much time to sit down and get my legs up. I feel like I have been running around for the past 2 days. I went back down to the race start to get a quick swim in, and the water temperature and the air temperature were both just so cold that I didn't do. I feel super guilty because I bagged it because I just didn't want to suck it up and get in. Not a good excuse, at all. I know that the swim is actually just to shake out the nerves and keep the body moving and not crucial for fitness at this point, but I still feel guilty.

I have 1 hour and 15 minutes on Sunday to punish myself for skipping that swim in freezing cold water.

I went to the Athlete Dinner tonight and it was awesome, as per usual! I made friends with a girl in line, we sat together, and we are going to drive the course tomorrow! Seriously, THIS is why I love Ironman so much!

Tomorrow is the QT2 breakfast at 8 am, I rack my bike and drop off my transition bags, check out the bike course, and then I get off my FEET!

Come Sunday, I'll get to look at THIS for 12 hours!


  1. correction-you get to rock the SHIZ outta that for 12 (or less) hours! This is YOUR RACE Alexa, I just know it!!! I will be tracking you tomorrow!! :-D (now hows that for creepy, lol)

  2. Alexa - I am totally rooting for you!! Good luck!


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