Friday, June 10, 2011

stress is bad

With Ironman Coeur D'Alene quickly approaching (16 days. WTF.), I am feeling more and more stress. Not nerves. STRESS. Because I have expectations of how I will do. I worry and stress that I will not be able to repeat or better my first Ironman performance.

And even though they are different races, in different years, and different locations, with different training, and I'm different.. it doesn't matter. I still worry and compare myself. Then and now.

The fact is: worrying about performance detracts from the actual experience of the race. I am not going to win. I am not going to even win my age group. Honestly, I have about a 1% chance of even PLACING in my age group. So does my performance at this race really matter (as compared to my performance at Lake Placid last year)? NO.

If I go to this race and do my absolute best - ON THAT DAY - that is what matters.

What matters is taking that race day and enjoying it, remembering it, realizing how lucky you are to be able to 1) afford to do the race, 2) travel to a beautiful part of the country, 3) actually put your body through 12+ hours of cardiovascular work without collapsing from a heart attack, 4) look hot in a race kit (HAHA).

All of this should NOT lead to having a mental breakdown at mile 18 when you realize you're not going to hit your race goal (guilty). Not lead to getting upset if your time isn't faster than XX:XX (guilty).

You (ok, I, this is obviously a pump-you-up message to myself) need to have confidence in your race and your athletic abilities and let the race just.. happen.


  1. It does matter, you have put in the time (and told us all about it) and done your best to prepare. If it didn't matter you would not devote so much time to the prepartation. It is perfectly ok to worry and CARE about your performance. The thing not to do is care about whether you "fail" or not. It is ok to completely mess up your race. But don't pretend it doesn't matter - because it does. Just do your best and if it turns out to be a Rock Star result then all the better. If you end up shattered and broken on mile 19 of the run, it will be ok, you will get to do another race. But don't pretend you don't care, because you do and you have prepared yourself to do well.

    BTW - the theme for the bike is "Don't be a hammerhead" - there is way too much of that course on which you can lose yourself and hammer to hard. Don't be a hammerhead.

  2. Hey, remember that you WON a race last weekend?? No matter how you want to qualify that to yourself (it was only a XXX), that's pretty dang awesome!!

    I'm excited to hear about CdA. It's on my list of potential IM to do someday, when I have money and/or time again...

  3. I still think you RAWK!!!! You are doing an Ironman. That right there puts you into the super-awesome-BAMF-X2 category!

  4. I hear ya :-) Its because it isnt your first, so you have expectations. Just remember to stay within yourself and HAVE FUN!! You will do great, I know it!

  5. the "results" of your races do not define who you are. your character does. it's the integrity and spirit you have running through your veins, regardless of whether you PR. give the negative energy away, and go do what you know how to do! and smile while you're doing it! i'll be thinking of you...

  6. You already know this - the minute you are on the beach in your wetsuit and the gun goes off, you are a winner. The rest of the day is just getting the job done and having fun doing it. Keep that mindset and you'll have the best day!

  7. First of all, I hear ya - but seriously, you freaking rock. Go out there and do your best, like you said - that is all you can do anyway really. Try to relax and enjoy the day, and make sure to finish with that awesome smile of yours!! YOu so have this. I will be stalking you. (creepy, right?)

  8. Great 4 points of things to be thankful for. Those are the important things.

    Go out there, have fun, and give it your all. You totally got this.

    I'll do my best to stalk you but I'll be at an IMOO training camp while you are racing.

  9. It's easy to get caught up in the "I should be doing it this fast" or "I'm a failure if I don't hit that goal". Going an Ironman makes you a badass - no matter if it's faster or slower than your first!

    Remember how hard you've worked, that the race is your party. Smile along the way and know that you are in the minority of people who would even ATTEMPT such a feat! :)


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