Tuesday, June 14, 2011

there's no crying in Ironman

Thank you, dear friends, for all your kind words and comments on my grumpy post from last week. I had a really busy training week, busy work week, and was quite stressed out from lack of time. Maybe a little moody? :) And then on Thursday, the hard drive on my laptop died, which really was the breaking point.

I am not heading into CDA surrounded by negativity; I am just trying to not put so much pressure on myself to beat my time from IMLP. I want to race well, but well doesn't always necessarily mean better. I went into Lake Placid with a goal, which I did not meet, and instead of leaving feeling accomplished and like I did something amazing (which is exactly how you SHOULD feel after completing your first Ironman, regardless of whether you finished in 9:59 or 16:59), my pride was clouded by some disappointment. And because I don't want that to happen again - I want to be happy with how I do - I am trying to not think about it. I think it just came out wrong. Mostly I want to have fun, be happy, take a chance to look around while I am riding, enjoy the scenery, make new friends, check out hot guys in spandex, spend time with my family, and mostly, not be miserable on the run. :) Of  course I desperately want to PR (who the f-- doesn't?) but my life will not be over if I don't. Life goes on. Ironman Wisconsin is still up for grabs in September!

There's no crying in Ironman, right?

I think we are smiling too much for a long ride day!
Anyways, I am over the hump. My last big training week is d-o-n-e. I had a 6 hour ride on Saturday; I rode 5:45. I rode from my house, around the lake, and back. Matthias met me at about 1.5 hours in so that he could do the loop around the lake. Due to me not paying attention.. we had a few directional mishaps - nothing major (shouldn't I know this route by now?!). We took it nice and easy, enjoyed ourselves, I didn't get negative at all or end up feeling like I wanted to stop and lie down.

Sunday I did a split run - 1:45 in the morning, then a 1 hour recovery ride on my trainer, then a final 1 hour run which was to be done 3 hours after the recovery ride. I felt surprisingly good on both runs (with the exception of an emergency potty break towards the end of the first run). I felt like I NAILED the afternoon run with an average pace of 9:01. I was really happy with that.

Is it normal to feel THIS GOOD <2 weeks out from an Ironman? Is this a good sign? I hope so!

Now, I just get to spend the time I would have spent training on errands and prepping for my trip. My laptop is fixed and luckily no data was lost (although I did have to shell out some cash for a new hard drive). My race wheels are rented. Fiona has a kennel reservation. I have obtained a bike box from the Kellmans and learned how to put my bike in the box. (THANKS GUYS!!). Tomorrow I am going over the IMCDA bike course with someone who has raced it. Hopefully I will get my car back soon. I bought a new mattress which is being delivered on Saturday. I have to meet with Mary next Monday to discuss my race plan/goals. I have already made a ginourmous list, which I have then have to pack! All in all.. I am going to be a busy girl for the next week!

I will be absolutely SURE to post my bib # and tracking info when I get it. I will also be sure to post from Coeur D'Alene! (For all of my stalkers..). I love my stalkers!



  1. Sounds like it is all coming together at the right time!

  2. We're kinda in the same place. I want to PR but I'm trying to approach it as good out there, work hard, have fun, do my thing and let the finish time take care of itself!

  3. Totally coming together!! You freaking got this!!

    And I will be stalking you. I am creepy like that.

  4. Is it stalking if we admit to it??? ;)

    I'm loving that you are feeling great 2 weeks out. VERY GOOD SIGN!

  5. Don't forget to just smile and be thankful out there! Everything else will fall into place.

  6. I forgot to tell you your nutrition plan:

    Yoo Hoo. Lots of it.

  7. Sounds like you have all your ducks in a row. Woohoo!

  8. its all coming together! imcda is gonna be awesome. can't wait to stalk all day!!!

  9. Way to navigate the highs and lows of training. You sound prepped and ready for IMCDA!!! Good luck!

  10. Busy times! You've got a great perspective on CDA...and I liked your lessons shared about Placid. Good luck on race day!

  11. I've done CdA twice, so if you want WAY TOO MANY WORDS worth of race reports from my experiences, feel free to check 'em out. I'm not the fastest, but I make up for it with excessive babbling. And some of it is about the course, so it could be helpful. :)

    CdA 2007
    CdA 2010

  12. I think that's awesome that you're feeling so great 2 weeks out... I think that means you're ready to go!

    Good luck & safe travels! :)


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