Thursday, December 30, 2010

Alexa the trip planner

My trip planning for Coeur D'Alene is going really well! This is not really the sort of thing that I am good at because I tend to procrastinate.

I found round trip flights from Buffalo, NY to Spokane, WA (with only 1 layover) through Southwest. Southwest is one of the better airlines and they have a really good baggage policy. Two checked bags are free - and I can take my bike box on the plane for only $50 each way (counts as a checked bag but since it's oversized - there's an added fee). I haven't booked the flight yet, but will do so soon. I also found a shuttle service from the airport to my hotel in Coeur D'Alene (I have to give credit for the shuttle service knowledge to someone else because I had no idea that this existed) which is really convenient - it's $45 and they come and pick you up after you arrive at the airport, then they deliver you back to the airport before your flight out.

Also, apparently like 20 members of QT2 (Coach Mary's tri team) are doing CDA so she is going to hook me up with them. I will have 20 babysitters while I am there! Hopefully some of them are young, hot, single tri-dudes. :) And hopefully at least ONE of them has a rental car so that I can bribe him or her to take me through the bike course. Maybe I will have someone to hug at the finish after all!

All I can say is.. I can't freaking WAIT to go to Idaho in June. I wish it was June right now. I have never been there and I like going to new places! Depending on who you ask, Idaho is sometimes included in the "Pacific Northwest" and sometimes it isn't. Either way, the PNW is someplace that I have been dying to go to for years, and I really hope to eventually relocate there. I like NY and PA and Rochester is fine, but.. I was made to live in Oregon. Seriously - temperate rainforest, hippies, it's super liberal, there are tons of bikes.. I could go on and on about why I need to be there.

I wish I had more time when I'm out there so that I could actually go places in Washington (other than the airport) and actually go to Oregon.. but I just don't have the vacation time. Soon.


  1. alexa--I agree on the PNW

    Jen and I have been dying to get out there.

    do some scouting for us!!..:)

  2. Hey looks awesome!!

    Happy New Year Alexa!


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