Saturday, December 11, 2010

frozen toes

This weekend started off by getting my Cervelo onto my trainer. This is a big deal! My trainer has been set up in the middle of my living room with my crappy road bike on it for the past year. I was too lazy to set it up for the tri bike (the tri bike has smaller wheels) and it just made sense to leave the road bike on there for shorter rides during the summer. However, I think it would be really advantageous to do my long winter rides on the bike that I am going to be racing on, so I enlisted some help from a dude (because trust me, me using tools is not something that ends well) and we got my Cervelo on my trainer (with a trainer tire) with only a few issues.

I've done a few rides on it so far and all I can say is.. I hope my crotch can handle it, because it's in for a loooong winter of riding!

The old road bike is currently at the bike shop getting cleaned up, because I am going to SELL IT!

Today I was ridiculously busy. I decided to go on a group trail ride at 1 pm because it was almost 40 degrees out. Since I slept kind of late and didn't get anything done this morning, I figured I'd ride for maybe an hour and a half and then get my trainer ride done afterwards, and still have the evening to chill out. WRONG. We rode for 3 hours. I'm sorry, but 3 hours on a horse in 40 degree weather is not fun. The first hour was fun. Two hours in I was wondering which of my toes would need to be amputated. We rode from the barn, down the road, under the thruway to a local park - Mendon Ponds Park - which I spend a LOT of time in during the summer for workouts. We got to the park and it was fine, but then we would ride across these open fields and everyone else would gallop their horses across the field. I am fine with that, except my horse is 20 years old and slightly decrepit, and it would be good for no one if I galloped my horse across a muddy, snow-covered field because despite the fact that she has arthritis, she is nutso and thinks she's a racehorse in the Kentucky Derby. I'm sure she would be MORE than happy to oblige me with a gallop, but I don't want her to hurt herself, so I had to hold her back with a death grip while everyone else took off.

Needlesstosay, I got left WAY behind. Matt, the owner of the non-profit group that this barn that I board my horse at runs, waited for me and we rode back to the barn together. To make a long story short, this guy has been asking me out for at least a month and a half, and I have been trying to avoid situations such as this one.

First of all, guys never ask me out. So to have someone persistently ask me out like this is a little unsettling. Also, I can't seem to thwart it. First I ignored it. Then I told him that I was seeing someone. Now, he must have some kind of radar or something because I am no longer dating anyone and he swoops in and starts planning this non-existent date. Regardless of whether or not I actually want to go out with this guy, I need some time, man! He's asking me what time I am done working and training in the evening. This time differs every day depending on what shift I am working, what workouts I have, whether I have to go to the chiropractor, etc. This is why I never go on dates! I don't know how to fit it into my rotating work schedule/triathlon training madness. This is also why I thought that the deal I had going on before, where I was dating someone I could only see on the weekends, was good - because I didn't have to worry about getting done with my weekday workouts at 7:30 pm and trying to squeeze in some hangout time before going to bed at 9 pm. But that didn't work out for me either. So right now I am just SOL.

But at least my toes finally thawed out! And I am quite possibly going to bed now because I am tired and unfortunately, tomorrow night I go back into work on nights. :( But first I must do my Christmas shopping.. on amazon! :)


  1. if this guy isn't a creep maybe you could humor him and yourself with an athletic date, perhaps a recovery run? if he's into you (and has a more flexible schedule than you do) maybe he'd accommodate your tri-awesome lifestyle!!!

  2. I say go for it!! What do you have to lose?? A man? So what! It would be nice to have someone to hang out with!

  3. I say go for it too! Why not? It might end up being fun!

  4. I love how everyone is telling me to go for it because it might be fun, whereas I am inclined to go for it because I might get a discount on my horse board.. I am just kidding. :) that's terrible.


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