Saturday, December 4, 2010

giving thanks a bit late!

I'm finally getting around to my "this is what I am thankful for" post, even though it's a week and change LATE!

First and foremost, I am thankful for my parents. Regardless of how crazy they think I am for doing this whole Ironman thing and spending the majority of my money on it, they support it. They come and watch my races. They paid for the condo in Lake Placid because there was no way I could afford it AND they paid for my hotel in Tupper Lake. They took my bike with its flat tire to a bike shop that was over an hour away when I couldn't do it because I had to be at a wedding and I had a race the next morning. They humor me by buying me triathlon-related Christmas presents (in years past I have gotten a fluid trainer, running snowshoes, a wheel bag, lots of books, and more things that I can't remember).

My coach. Without her (and the rest of Train-This), I think I would have survived the Ironman, but it wouldn't have been pretty. And it wouldn't have been half as fun as it was just getting there. And I wouldn't have had a cool looking uniform to wear during the race. And I probably wouldn't have signed up for the IMCDA/IMOO duo for 2011. Need I say more? Plus in the year that I have been working with Mary, she has become a friend, confidante, and sort of a personal advisor. You cannot help but be happy and optimistic with a coach like Mary who is so positive all the time and who focuses on the good rather than the bad. Mary sees the good in everyone and everything!

My friends! They train with me, support me, listen to me talk endlessly about my training, kick my ass when I need it, and pick me up when I am struggling. They read my blog! They make me laugh. They love me and I love them!

The people in my life are what are important. Everything else is just stuff. Everything else could go away, and my life would not be empty. If everybody I cared about went away, I would have nothing.

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  1. Thats awesome, my mother is my biggest supporter, I joke that I am a pro triathlete, because when I do well at a race, she sends me money!!! I recently told her I needed shoes and yesterday in the mail, there was a pair of shoes!!!


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