Monday, December 20, 2010

more swimming, less whining

Does anyone remember last week when I was whining about my horrible swim test time and several people told me to STFU because that is how periodization in training works? Slower in the early part of the season after taking time off, then spending several months building a base, and then progressively getting faster as the season progresses? I know that, but it still sucks being slow in the off-season - hence the whining.

Anyways, I need to focus less on whining and more on swimming, because yesterday I broke 6 minutes for my 400 yd time trial - twice! I swam a 5:59 and then a 5:58. That is 4 seconds faster than my fastest-ever swim test from last season before Lake Placid! I swam myself into major oxygen debt and was basically seeing stars for the last 50, but I think figuring out how to push myself to that point is also part of the test. As much as I hate, hate, hate swimming 3x per week, I definitely think it's going to help!

I also stepped out of my comfort zone yesterday (my comfort zone consists of swim, bike, run, and that's it) and went to my first ever yoga class at Breathe in Pittsford. It was a Power Vinyasa Basics class. For those of you who are not familiar with yoga (this includes me - I had to google "power vinyasa"), vinyasa yoga, or vinyasa flow yoga refers to yoga where you change positions in relation to inhaling and exhaling and the power means that this yoga class focuses on strength and flexibility. So basically we were almost constantly moving through poses in a hot room that smelled like incense. I was concentrating so hard on figuring out what I was supposed to be doing that I didn't concentrate at all on my breathing - I'm sure this goes with the learning curve. I went with a teammate, Jill, and I think we were both surprised at how physical it was. Also, I'm glad there was no crazy yoga stuff like chanting because I would have straight up busted out laughing. Even just trying to get the hang of these poses that I had never heard of before, I was giggling. Anyways, the class was definitely challenging, which led to me being very, very sore today. My arms, my sides, and my abs all feel like they got a major workout - I love it!

I also met another teammate at yoga, David, that I have only "met" on the google group. Which basically means I have seen his name attached to emails. I'm pretty active on our google group so people tend to know who I am when they meet me, AND he said that I crack him up, so thanks for that David!

The biggest problem with going to Breathe is that not only am I going to spend money on yoga classes (that is fine), but they also sell Lululemon workout clothes AND they have regular clothes that are EXACTLY my style (total hippie girl clothes) but are expensive. I'm doing good though - no shopping - must pay for 2 Ironmans!

I went to Mary's yoga class tonight. I was hemming and hawing over whether I should go when I opened my training peaks and instead of seeing a 60 min spin on the books for Monday, I saw 75 minutes of yoga. So I went! It was hard because a) my arms and core are jello and b) because it's a more advanced class. But I think I did ok.

I also saw 1 pink yoga mat for sale that has Alexa written ALL OVER IT. Must buy pink yoga mat!

I will be back!


  1. My core is jello right now too. I am such a weenie because there is no yoga class around here and so I just need to do it on my own. Which I don't (which makes me a weenie). Good reset on the swimming, but we all get down on stuff with races so far away. How is that hammie healing up?

  2. Hey hey now, I never said STFU, I was just trying to be supportive and that, sadly, how it works, and it did work, because now you are seeing the results after being fully recover

    I am with you, yoga is real freaking hard

  3. I loooove hot yoga! When I complain about the snow people tell me to get a winter hobby like skiing or snowshoeing. Hot Yoga is my winter hobby. It is soooo nice to not have cold toes for an hour!

  4. Last winter I made a big effort to swim 3x/week instead of 2x/week, and I saw some big improvements... it's worth forcing yourself to make the extra weekly trip to the pool!

  5. Do you do flip-turns in training? In swim testing?


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