Sunday, March 6, 2011

hopping on the bandwagon

Age: 27

Bed size: full

Chore you dislike: all of them?

Dogs: my parents have a dog named Joey

Essential start to your day: cranberry juice

Favorite color: pink and green

Gold or silver: silver

Height: 5’ - yup!

Instruments you play: if you would change this to "played" - flute and piano and a tiny bit of guitar

Job title: QA Tech II

Kids: I have two furbabies - Cherry the horse and Fiona the cat

Live: Rochester, NY (technically I live in Penfield now!)

Mom’s name: Donna

Nickname: Seabiscuit, Lexa

Overnight hospital stay: none

Pet peeves: sooo many - slow drivers, SUVs, idiots.. etc.
Quote from a movie: "My friends, you bow to no one." -Return of the King

Righty or Lefty: LEFTY BITCHES!
Siblings: 1 younger brother
Time you wake up: depends based on the hours that I am working

Underwear: I have at least 50 pairs of underwear and they are all from Victoria's Secret
Vegetables you don’t like: olives
What makes you run late: I underestimate how long it will take me to get there
Xrays you had: abdomen (for kidney stones)
Yummy food you make: scrambled eggs?
Zoo animal favorites: zebras


  1. kidney stones? I have given birth to 4 beautiful rocks, the last.. 8mm (ouch!!)

  2. UGH. Kidney stones.

    I hate olives too. And I might be the same height as you but I lie about it. I like the movie quote, that is a great one.

  3. I've had 3 kidney stones - all of them were in 2005-2006 so luckily none have been recent. NOT FUN AT ALL!

    and that quote from RotK makes me cry EVERY single time I watch it.

  4. No olives?!?!? More for me then! hehe

    I could eat scrambled eggs and toast all day long


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