Monday, March 21, 2011


Goodbye, bless-ed rest week. You were known and loved by all (ok, maybe not all, but at least by me). You were so nice to me when I was tired from working nights. You let me regain some of my sanity and catch up on things that I needed to do (like laundry and going to my yearly doctor's appointment). You made it possible for me to go out on Friday night and sleep late (WAY TOO LATE) on Saturday morning afternoon.

But mostly, you let me demolish my 400 yd swim test time, YET AGAIN. I dropped 5 more seconds off my 400 yd time - bringing it down to 5:43.

You have to remember, I am not from a competitive swimming background. I am from a Red Cross swimming lessons/lifeguard training/WSI background and that is all of the swimming experience I have. So my 400 yd time reflects that. It's not *swim team fast*. But it's fast for me! Considering that at this time last year I was swimming 6+ minutes for a 400 yd TT I will definitely take the 5:43.

I did this swim test wearing my new goggles, the Aqua Sphere Lady Kaimans. I have been swimming in Ladies Speedo Vanquisher goggles since 2007 and although they seal properly (a problem I have normally because my head is small) they also feel like they are going to suck my eyeballs out of my eye sockets, and by the time I am done with an hour swim they are killing me. So I decided to try some new goggles. They are a little more low profile than my vanquishers (meaning I could feel my eyelashes hitting the plastic of the goggles) and I think they are dorkier looking, but they are WAY more comfy. AND they are sparkly! Maybe that will up my game at picking up dudes in the next swim lane over. Or not.

I did my swim test on Saturday because Thursday (the originally scheduled day) and Friday I was a) tired from C-shift and b) worried about trying to do a legit swim test while fighting my way through the weirdos that I normally end up sharing a lane with. Weirdos include: 400 lb man with buttcrack showing, various snorkelers, man who swims with paddles AND fins at the same time, man who swims the length of the pool along the very bottom and then rests for 10 minutes at each end, man who does butterfly right over my head, variety of large women wearing swimsuits with attached skirts "water walking," etc. These are all difficult people to circle swim with when you're going for as fast as possible. A Saturday swim test was a really good choice because the pool was essentially empty and I was definitely feeling refreshed after a mere 14 hours of sleep. (Once again, the benefits of a glorious rest week). I think  I will repeating both (Saturday swim test and excessive sleep) the next time around!

photo was taken outside of a library..
and we annoyed a guy trying to use the book drop!

crazy horse! but I <3 her
Sunday morning I did a 45 minute run with some teammates and then we all met at a bagel shop to get team gear and take a team photo. It was definitely an invasion of Bruegger's Bagels by athletes in spandex! After the photo shoot I visited my horse (I tried to ride her but she is currently lame) and then spent the afternoon relaxing before nap time and then work time. I have a super crazy brick workout this Saturday and I haven't decided how I feel about it. It's a bike/run/bike/run/bike/run totaling 3:15. Yeah.


But I bet it will be worth it when I'm killin' it in Coeur D'Alene! :)

photo circa 2006: I fell down.
Greg picked me up. obviously, drunk at the bar.

Something that is totally unrelated but that I am really excited about - over the weekend one of my BEST FRIENDS from college - Greg, a fellow bio geek at Slippery Rock U., got engaged to his boyfriend Josh!! I am so happy for them! Greg and I were lab partners (or at least at the same lab table) countless times, sat next to each other in tons of classes, wasted time studied at the library together, screwed around in open labs, went to the bar to celebrate birthdays, end of the semester, etc. Now he lives in Washington DC so I don't get to see him anymore but facebook keeps us in contact! :) Congratulations Greg!!!!


  1. You forgot weirdos that ask you out while swimming

    Nice job on the PR on the TT, I guess your not swimming backwards anymore

  2. Yeah that's a nice time. And its nice to hear how diverse your local pool is.... sometimes it's very hard to get back in the water when you are large, sounds supportive for them. Glad I was able to get back in.

  3. Congrats on the TT'ing in the pool!

  4. I love my Aqua spheres too!! awesome swim time!! I heard that Brick Workout is a *itch. good luck!

  5. I could seriously go for a rest week right now.

    Nice job in the pool. You are a FAST swimmer!

  6. Congrats on the PR in the pool! You are super fast for just a "Red Cross swimmer"! :)

    I love the Aqua Sphere goggles. I have the Kayanne's (or something like that).

  7. I have the same goggles and LOVE them... super comfy and great at keeping water out. Mine aren't sparkly though :(

  8. I have a rest week next week. I can't wait.

    I have the SAME problem with my TYRs. Too much suckage. I am going to try those Caymans out. Like the sparkle, I think you definitely will pick up some dudes with those sexy goggles!

    Awesome swim time. I am so freaking slow. My 400 is like...8 minutes. And that is an improvement for me. I come from a raft guide swim background...that would be floating down the river wearing a life jacket and holding a beer.


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