Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Posting 2 days in a row! That hasn't happened in a while! I had 2 SUPER great workouts this morning that I just had to talk about. I am working evenings this week so I don't get to bed until at least midnight, usually between 12:30 and 12:45 am. I don't like it but there's just absolutely no avoiding it since I don't make it home from work until right before midnight.

For some reason, I couldn't sleep last night. I was bad this weekend and stayed in bed far too late (think: sleeping in like in the college days) and I think it just really messed me up. I was tired, I took melatonin, it just didn't happen. So I slept in AGAIN this morning but finally had to force myself up because I had 2 hours of workouts to do before work. Normally on days like this, workouts sucks. I don't like morning workouts and I especially don't like morning workouts when I'm tired and it's cold out.

I pushed my grumpiness and desire to go back to bed aside, ate a bagel, and went to the gym for a swim. I had a warmup, 3x500, and a cooldown totaling 3000 yds. It felt great. I felt like I was swimming effortlessly which doesn't happen a lot for me. Usually I feel like I am really working in the water. It's a nice feeling to feel so natural! Also, even though the temperature was hovering right at freezing, it was really sunny out and the sun just made me feel so happy! I was actually excited to go for my hour run, blow off some stress, and listen to some sweet tunes!

I am soooo glad that my runs are getting kicked up a notch. I had those few months off and then it's been slow trying to get my shit back together, but now I am seeing 1 hour runs on Tuesday and Thursday with a shorter run on Wednesday, plus weekend runs. I think a higher frequency of running really helps me and works well with my body since my history = runner. It has been really difficult seeing my pace in the 9-10 min/mile range even for short 30 minute runs.

What makes me even happier is that my hour run this morning was at 8:46 pace! I know, no speed demon here, but it was definitely a good run! It is AWESOME that I felt sooo good at an hour run AND that I could hold a decent pace - that I wasn't forcing my body to try to recover and gain fitness faster than it was able to. Another tribute to Coach Mary here because she KNEW how frustrated I was and how much I was bitching about not running, asking teammates how much they were running, comparing myself to other athletes and she made me wait.

Things seem to be coming together! Kim and I are riding our bikes outside on Saturday come hell or high water (or snow, or hail, or sleet). And I am on strict instruction to up my long ride to 6 hours the minute it hits 50 degrees outside! I am getting a little anxious about this because....................

only 12.5 weeks until Ironman Coeur D'Alene!

As a special added bonus for my blog readers, here is a video that I finally shot of my apartment. I actually cleaned before I did this (except the counter - I did not clean that!). If you really want to see how dorky I am, just watch it and you will be enlightened..


  1. Oh wow you must be hitting Ironman specific workouts in the next week or two? Seems so early in the season still! But June will be here before you know it!

    Looks like a triathletes apartment. Its kinda scary how much of the same crap we both have laying around in the same random places. I have those same whicker IKEA baskets with my race medals as well :)

  2. Nice swim, I had the same type of strong swim this week too. I take it pool boy wasnt around, I kinda want to know the "story"

  3. hahaha pool boy. sorry, nice video! now i need to see the place for real, seeing as how you live 10 mins away. i love the ikea shelf - it's quite rad!

  4. I have my IM bib on my fridge too!


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