Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am on Twitter!

News of the day. I am now on Twitter. (Actually, I have been on twitter since 2008 but have not "tweeted" since 2009. Until now). Damn you Mary Eggers.

Soooooooooooo crazy blog friends.. follow me on Twitter at AlexaSwims!!! I resurrected my Twitter account for blog-related purposes! BTW, thank god Twitter allowed me to change my username from what it originally was - which will remain a secret. Did anyone used to use AIM when they were in high school/college? I definitely did. (I feel like I must state, for the record, that I no longer use AIM or any kind of chat client except for the built in chats on gmail and facebook on occasion. I think there should be an age limit to using AIM and having a "buddy list.") Anyways, my old AIM username was what I used for my Twitter handle which is really embarrassing since I have had that username since I was 17. TEN YEARS. Actually that is my username on slowtwitch as well. Super embarrassing.

Alright, that's enough self-promotion for now.

I am resting it up during my rest week which also happens to fall on a week of overnights. (Is that good timing or what??). I am looking forward to actually having some time to myself this weekend. I believe I have a swim test on Thursday so that should be interesting, given that I swim at a new, much busier pool than I used to swim at. It's going to be challenging trying to do a swim test while sharing a lane with someone who does butterfly right down the middle of the lane heading straight towards me. Seriously. This guy butterflied right over my head. Or trying to circle swim with 3 other people that are swimming half my speed. I have yet to figure out the optimum time (AKA quietest time) to go to this pool in order to do a swim test!

I have obtained some new triathlon toys in the last week or so (new goggles, new fins, and a pair of Zoot compression recovery tights) that I will test out and review. I purchased all of these myself (well the tights are a very belated Christmas gift) but I always think it's fun to test out new equipment and give my personal opinion, so look for that soon!


  1. Welcome to the twitter madness, I am now following

    Now WHO does butterfly while sharing a lane, thats a big no no, he is just showing off

  2. I think we're all curious about the old twitter name! Tell us Tell us!

  3. i'm following you!

    if it makes you feel better, my old IM name was starryeyedswimmer

  4. Whats wrong with Justjumpit17? LOLOLOL dont kill me!!

  5. Rae is dead. P.S. Rae's first name is actually Rachel which she HATES! :)

  6. Welcome to Twitter. I sort of miss the old IM days. I still use IM for work because we all work remotely but I don't have a "buddy list". Twitter is just almost too much of a free for all.


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