Tuesday, March 8, 2011

things are getting cRaZy!!

I have discovered that a LOT of people don't like olives after my last post. (Is an olive actually a vegetable, btw, or is it some kind of "seed"????). Olives are grosssss.

In other news: single, slightly crazy, triathon-obsessed, reclusive me went on a date on Saturday night. Where did I meet this fellow? At the gym. Obviously. Where else would I even meet someone because the gym is the only "social" place that I go!! I'm not going to post the dirty (or lack thereof) details because really, the general public does not need to know them (and nothing interesting scandalous happened anyways). But it was fun! I will say that 99% of the time, anyone who talks to me between 200s in the pool annoys the living shit out of me. The other 1% asks me out (which makes me forgive the annoyance). This guy asked me out. On Thursday. Definitely a rare occurrence! And then I had to spend an hour on Saturday afternoon trying to find an outfit that was not made up of race shirts, Lululemon, or any type of "wicking" material and that matched and that didn't make me look like an outdoorsy, hippie, lesbian. It wasn't easy!

Speaking of "wicking" ...

I am 6 shirts short of being able to have a t-shirt quilt made. I am doing it entirely with tech shirts that I get from races (because I don't wear most of them). I'm hoping with some strategic race entries this year (i.e. doing lots of races that give out tech shirts) I will be able to hit the # I need and send the shirts out in the fall to get my quilt made!

As for upcoming races/training weekends, I have some fun plans that have just been made!

I am running a large, local St. Paddy's Day 5 mile race this Saturday with a whole bunch of Train-This teammates - it's called Johnny's Runnin' of the Green and it's sponsored by a local bar. Can you get more awesome than that? (This is my 3rd year doing this race). Except that Mary is making everybody run the course again post-race.. so that will be a fun day of running 10 miles?? What???? Last year it was warm. This year, I'm not sure if that's going to be the case.. yuck. Here's hoping!

Then, over Memorial Day weekend I am going up to Lake Placid for a training weekend. Because I cannot go to training camp this year (camp is 1 week before IMCDA and I would rather be freaking out/tapering/packing/cleaning my bike at home rather than spending money to do those things in Lake Placid whilst annoying everyone else that's up there to actually get some work done) I have been seriously bummed out because camp ROCKS.. but then Kim invited me to go up to Placid with her and a bunch of people so I think I am going to do that. I can do exactly what I would do at training camp (AKA crush the mountains on my bike) except at a date more conducive to my Ironman schedule!

THEN, I am doing the Keuka Lake Sprint Tri the first weekend in June, which isn't a big deal except that Mary is making me do the sprint (I prefer olympic distance) because she is making me ride my bike the 60+ miles back home to Rochester from Penn Yan, NY after the race. WHAT?!? So I have to either leave my car down in Penn Yan and get someone to drive me back to it after I make it back to Roch., or I have to hitch a ride to Penn Yan in the morning, or I might have a friend that wants to ride with me and her boyfriend will drop us off.. plans are still up in the air, but then again, this isn't happening until JUNE so really, no need to worry about it now!

....BUT I am sensing a theme here.. Mary is making me do these crazy training things that are hard and sound kind of crazy and I LOVE them!


  1. Runnign the course again at Johnny's =awesome!! I wish I could do that with you guys but I have a coaches meting for GOTR at 12 that I get to arrive all stinky for :-P

  2. thanks for increasing my spring fever 10 fold...I can't wait to play outside all weekend.

    And yea for pool dates! I hate people talking to me in teh pool but it's almost always fat old men. It's funny how I was much more forgiving a week ago when it was a 20 something triathlet that actually knew what Ironman was! He didn't ask me out...but then I'm not looking!

  3. i definitely show up for dates in luon and wicking material. i figure they need to know what they're getting themselves into.

  4. Did he ask you out on a second one?

  5. Did you end up finding a place to make your t-shirt blanket for you? Or do you have a friend that is making it?

    Mary sounds like a tough coach! She'll definitely have you in tip top shape though for race day.

    Congrats on the date! At least if he asked you out at the pool, he had some idea of what a crazy endurance athlete you are :)

  6. Where are you getting that T-shirt blanket made? I wanted to do that too.

    Olives are gross.

    I am with what Emily said with the wicking material. I would totally wear it!


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