Wednesday, March 2, 2011

random weekly stuff and.. THE BET

Lots of craziness has happened in the past week. I am back into the swing of my workouts after a week of being sick and week spent recovering from being sick. I just registered for my first race of the year which is next Saturday. It's a 5 mile race called Johnny's Runnin' of the Green. It's a pretty big race in Rochester- gets lots of people wearing costume and also lots of fast runners because there is a monetary prize! I did it last year and the year before. Some of the highlights of this race are that it a) does not start at the crack of dawn and b) gives out nice cotton long-sleeved t-shirts. I hate getting tech shirts because unless they make women's specific shirts, they NEVER fit me! I have like 30 unworn tech shirts from races. Do you think I could get a t-shirt quilt made out of tech shirts or would that be weird?

Being that I now live in a new neighborhood, I joined a new gym. I used to go to a small gym called the Downtown Fitness Club. It was small, quiet and didn't have a lot of patrons, and had absolutely no kids. However, that gym is now a good 15-20 minute drive from my new apartment, so I let my membership run out and joined the Y which is around the corner from me. This Y is super nice - there are rock climbing walls, an indoor track, a nice pool, a kid's pool, etc. but it is much, MUCH busier. Which is fine. There are also a lot of kids - also fine. Surprisingly though, there are a TON of really, really obese people. I was there yesterday for maybe 2 hours and I saw at least 10 morbidly obese women in the locker room. It doesn't matter to me - these people don't affect me or my workouts - it was just shocking to me. I don't understand how people can get so large.. especially teenage girls or young kids!!

Some fun team news: we are getting team visors and team water bottles! I love stuff like this so I am very excited.

I am STILL not totally unpacked.. this is due to sheer laziness on my part. Also, I had my dishwasher all loaded up with dishes from the past week, I went to run it last night and it wouldn't work! I think when they installed it, perhaps they forgot to plug it in? I have to call the apartment office today so that they can come fix it!
I discovered a new TV show (thanks to Kim) called Parenthood (I think it's on NBC??). I am now trying to catch up on all of the episodes - it is currently only on its 2nd season. I might be obsessed..

I have been toying with doing REV3 Costa Rica 70.3 next February because I am going take a break from IM in 2012 and would actually like to travel to some places that I WANT to go to (AKA not Idaho OR Wisconsin). I have been dying to go to Costa Rica for several years, and now there just happens to be a race there!?! AND I found a girlfriend that wants to go with me!! So it is looking very promising and I am super excited even though it's a year away. My ideal vacation is a destination race followed by a week of vacation-y activities in the jungle!!

This is all over the place - my apologies!

One last thing: THE BET. I made a wager with my good friend Mark O. We are both racing Ironmans on Sept. 11th - me at IM Wisconsin, him at REV3 Cedar Point. As of 2010, I am about 30 mins faster than him for Ironman finish time (I did IMLP, he did Cedar Point). As I am quite confident that I can beat him again, he told me that if he beats me, I have to eat a cheeseburger. Why a cheeseburger? I am a vegetarian and I am quite opposed to eating meat for ethical reasons. (As a side note: the cheeseburger has to be organic, free-range beef - otherwise there is no way I will touch the thing). Even with that disclaimer, it grosses me out.

Now I have to figure out what to make him do when I beat him. It's gotta be something REALLY good and most likely very embarrassing!


  1. A pink tri suit that he needs to wear all season and myabe throw in a shirt that says "I been chicked"

    LP and WI are both alot hiller then CP, makes you wonder if you raced a flat course, what would the time be

  2. Mark refuses to accept that I am faster. he thinks that taking off his shirt will increase his aerodynamics and give him the edge.

  3. Sorry to tell you this, but I'm at least 8% faster when shirtless, as evidenced by the following results:

    5K time with shirt: moderately fast
    5K time shirtless: blazing fast (moderately fast minus at least 8%)

    I'm a scientist, I'm qualified to make such judgments.

  4. I love Parenthood. It might be my most favorite show!

    Rev3 Costa Rica sounds awesome - you should do it!

  5. Pom Poms on his bike?

    Glad you are on the mend and have kicked the cold!

  6. I love BDD's idea! That would be perfect!

    As for the dishwasher, do you have any mysterious light switches in the kitchen that serve no purpose? I lived in an apartment where you had to flip a switch before you could turn on the dishwasher - took us forever to figure out.

  7. Kel and I are toying with the idea of Rev3 Costa Rica next year.

    As far as Mark goes, it will definitely have to involve some sort of video with him telling you how much faster you are than him. You've got this in the bag.


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