Monday, March 22, 2010


Today starts a recovery week! And at the end of this recovery week is the Spring Forward 15K in Mendon! I am excited for both! Last week wore on me both physically and mentally. But now I have my new car and some job prospects so I am good on the transportation front and less worried on the job front. After this race I will be ready to go again.. I love spring because I love the beginning of race season! I like going to races with new friends, and meeting new people at races, and seeing other friends there too! I still get recognized as "the girl from the bike shop" so that's kind of fun. I thought racing would make me sad since Andy and I split up but it's ok. We even ran to Johnny's together, but then I did a cool down with Train-This. It's a new year and my life is different but I am focused and on-track.


  1. Yay new year! "Focused and on-track" Good work!

  2. oh yes! no more moping around for this girl!


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