Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am finding it challenging to balance my life with Ironman. Not challenging in a bad way. Challenging because I am crazy and I follow a regimented schedule. Whenever this schedule is thrown off by something (getting stuck late at work, doctor's appointment, etc.) I start panicking about how I am going to get my workout in. When I was self-coaching, I would end up skipping it. And i felt bad but I never had to justify it. Having a coach look at my weeks is a HUGE motivator for me to do all of my workouts and not cut anything short. Because sometimes I am tired and I don't feel like doing it. Or I am late coming home and doing the workout would mean missing my daily sit on the couch and chill time. But all of those workouts that I do when I'm tired are going to benefit me because on July 25, 2 hours into that marathon, I am going to be f-ing TIRED.

I try my hardest to schedule things on easy days (Mondays and Fridays) or on weekends when I have the entire day, but it's not always possible. I have to go to the doctor when they have space. Tomorrow at 3 I have to go to Geneva and get my bike fit done because that's when they could squeeze me in. Next week I have to pick Andy up from a doctor's appointment because he needs a ride home. All of these things are things in my life that I can't blow off, and I need to be able to work my training around them instead of freaking out. So tomorrow I will go to work early, get to Geneva by 3, do my fit, and then go to the gym late. I won't like it, but I need the fit to be done so I will do it.

I think I do things like marathons and Ironman because I am an introvert. I like to stay busy but I don't like to be around tons of people all the time. This way, I get my solitude with all of my training but I get human interaction with the best kind of people out there - other triathletes! And the few friends that I do see on a regular basis are people who are similar to me and who understand what I do and why I might have time constraints. And they don't constantly pester me to go clubbing or something else ridiculous that I would never do.

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