Friday, March 26, 2010

a well laid strategy

So I am gearing up for Spring Forward 15K this weekend! I have all of the ingedients to concoct a semi-gross sounding protein shake for both Saturday and Sunday morning. I also have to find my blender. I know I have one. I wanted a Magic Bullet one year for Christmas and got a regular less pricey blender instead. I think I've used it once..

I have another biggish ride (for March!) on Saturday. I am going to try to do it outside again if the weather cooperates. I also have a very strict nutrition plan to follow so maybe I won't die (bonk?) like I did last weekend. Hopefully it will also be less painful. I'm hoping to solve the painful riding next week by borrowing an Adamo saddle from Jason (and if I like it I will buy my own) and getting a fit done on Thursday by Jim Hogan at Geneva Bicycle Center. I have needed a fit for the last year (ever since I started doing higher mileage on my bike) but just never got around to it due to schedule, laziness, money, etc. I KNOW I cannot ride an Ironman bike leg on my ill-fitting bike right now because of massive amounts of uncomfort. So I am fixing it. Money be damned, it's necessary! If I can get a saddle that is comfortable I will be fine in aero, although I do think I need my aero position adjusted as well because my neck and back start to hurt towards the end of a long-ish ride. Regardless, it's getting done! Yay!


  1. Have you tried a John Cobb?? I use the V-Flow Max and love it (just got it in December.) Have fun at the race!!

  2. that is the other saddle I have heard to try (other than the Adamo) so if the Adamo doesn't work for me that is next on my list!

  3. Or ride without the saddle. no pain no gain!

  4. sweet an Ironman while standing! that descent down Keane gets scarier and scarier


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