Saturday, March 27, 2010

stupid bike and heart rates are evil

I nailed my nutrition today! BAM! I ate the shake this morning (er.. choked it down). Next time I will eat the applesauce separate. I ate every 30 mins on the bike and drank (alternating between water and Powerade Endurance) although no pounding fluids because that comes back to haunt me on the run. My run off the bike was great even though my legs were DEAD for the last hour on the trainer and my ass was killing me from the friction of a wet chamois against a bike saddle (probably too much info right there). I have never been a huge fan of bike shorts and I may stop wearing them period and just switch to tri shorts that have a much smaller pad.

I am having some issues though.. I can hit run tempo pace no problem and keep it up with not a lot of effort but bike tempo kills me. It killed me last week outside and it kills me inside. I'm not sure if it's my inexperience on the bike or what. Maybe it's not fair that I compare it with running which I have been doing for 15 years vs. 3 or so of cycling but it really frustrates me because I am fairly fast on the bike leg - my splits are always right up there with some of the top women and I am strong at climbing hills but man I can not nail these heart rates on the bike and it's starting to annoy me. Maybe I am just not working hard enough? But the same heart rate zones on the run come naturally and I can't figure out why I should have to hammer on the bike to hit a zone 2 where I can run a 9 minute pace (which is my regular long run pace even before I looked at HR) and hit it.. I NEVER go under zone 2 on the run.. I would have to seriously try to run super slow but it seems that I can barely get into zone 2 on the bike, and zone 3 - forget it. UGHHH :(


  1. No, you are doing just perfect. What we want more than HR is feel...... so next week, go by feel, look for that bike tempo effort to feel like.... I am going hard but if that one girl who drives me crazy pulls up next to me... I can drop her. becasue this is what we need to learn for Placid! WELL DONE!

  2. I find it much harder to stay in my bike zones than my run zones. I tend to lose focus on the bike and then, BAM, my HR is under. I think a lot of it is just experience and understanding that work on the bike feels different than work on the run.


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