Tuesday, May 25, 2010

open water swim, tan lines, and the situation

Today's announcement is that I am organizing an open water swim in Canandaigua Lake on Memorial Day. I always go down there on Memorial Day (I think that's the first day Kershaw Park opens) so that I can get at least one open water swim in before the Keuka Lake tri which is the following weekend. I extended the invite to the entire Train-This team and like 10 people are in! So I guess I'm not the only one that wants to get the shock of 60 degree water over with before race day - because the water is ALWAYS FREEZING at Keuka!!! So I am posting the invite here also. Probably less than 5 people read this (I know Mary reads it but I do pay her to be my friend) so this is most likely pointless.. but if anyone is interested, post a comment and I can contact you with the info (it has yet to be determined when/where we are meeting). Also, I need tips on cleaning my wetsuit. I think it's kind of mildew-y.. :(

Aside from that, Day 1 of my new training block is complete.. and it was a rest day for some reason. In my training plan Mary said that I would hate it. I don't hate rest days (I normally love them) however I feel like I have had almost 2 weeks off now and I'm starting to get anxious! Even with this rest day I still have a 16 hour week, which at first I couldn't figure out how that was even possible, but I took a closer look at my Sunday. Normally I have a 1:45 run. This Sunday - 2 hr bike/2 hr run. Apparently we are putting my nutrition to the test starting now! Which is definitely a good thing. The longer run is a good thing too. I need to get some long runs in.. I did not have a great marathon experience at the Philadelphia Marathon in November, especially after mile 18 so I'm worried about this Ironman marathon now. I'm really just trying not to think about how awful it's going to feel. On the complete opposite end of running, I have to find a 5K to do. I'm not sure how soon, but Mary wants all Musselmen and Placid racers to do a 5K test. I don't even want to know how slow this is going to be.. I finally PRed in the 5K last year (first fast 5K since freaking high school XC) and I know I won't be able to touch it. Oh well.. at least I have a recent PR and not a 2001 PR like before!

Summer is officially here. Warm weather brings fun things like flip flops, tan lines, running in a sports bra, and race season (maybe I am delusional about what types of things are fun)! Unfortunately it also brings some things that I do not care for such as a sweltering hot apartment, people walking (loudly) past my apartment at all hours of the night (and by people I mean drunken hos with no pants on and guys who resemble "The Situation" from The Jersey Shore). This is what I get for living a block from the horrible bar scene in Rochester.. I did install my air conditioner in my bedroom window today so sleeping should be less gross and sticky, but that does nothing about the temperature of the rest of my apartment so I am left to just suffer. And I feel bad for my cat. She has longish fur and I know she is hot. I keep finding her sprawled out asleep in weird places - like the bathroom floor - and I think it's because the tile is cooler than the carpeting. Poor kitty :( (I'm sure it is obvious by now that I am obsessed with my cat, but at least I only have 1).

This thing is supposed to be about races and training and here I am rambling on about my cat. I have never been very good at stickng to a "theme." Next time I will write about the guy who gave me his phone number in the Chipotle parking lot (because that really is triathlon related!!!).


  1. Ooooh I will come and swim! (Translation: I will arrive with some sort of PFD or water-wing devices adhered to my body made of concrete which sinks like a rock, flail around, get out of breath then, if I don't drown, will claw my way back to shore and proceed to collapse in exhaustion all while possibly hyperthermic). Sounds like a great time! HA :) Love Chipotle - need more details!

  2. I will tell you all about Chipotle man and why I am not going to call him

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