Monday, May 31, 2010

slowly dying

This was a big weekend. 138 miles on the bike and over 16 miles of running in 2 days. Thank god I have today off from work AND Ironman.

Yesterday morning I ran a 5K in Waterloo. It's a typical small canal town and there was the typical 5K crowd. One super fast chick, a lady in a hot pink LiveSTRONG running outfit, a creepy guy with the creepiest mustache I have ever seen, a guy wearing cutoff American flag Zubaz pants and a bandana, a 60 year old friendly dude with a Boston Marathon shirt on, and tons of kids. I ran my 5K in 22:25. That's typical for me - not a PR. I don't bring a lot to a 5K race, but I did do it the day after a 105 mile bike ride so I feel ok about it. I was 4th OA and 1st in my AG so I got a medal. Also, don't tell Mary but after the race (~9:30 am) I was so hungry and I was surrounded by typical carnival food.. I ate some mozzarella sticks. They were DELICIOUS and I don't regret it at all.

I did my 2 hr bike/long run workout later in the day. The bike was ok but my crotch hurt so bad I could barely sit. I'm ok in aero but every time I had to get out of aero to climb a hill I wanted to die. My bike pace was sloooow. I ran long off the bike to test my nutrition, and that went fine. I'm working on combating the heat by stuffing ice under my hat and in my sports bra, and by drinking a TON, and that worked also! My quads blew up at the end of the run so I hobbled it in not feeling so great.

I have realized that I now look like the typical Ironman when I run. I am a runner transformed into a dorky Ironman. This is my outfit from yesterday: blue Train-This tri shorts, pink sports bra, white hat, sunglasses, HR monitor and Garmin, fuelbelt filled with Gatorade and M&M container of S-caps.. all that's missing is the compression socks. Am I Iron enough?

I slept like shit last night. I was incredibly tired and went to bed at like 9 pm and just couldn't get comfortable. My legs were killing me and my toe was tingling :( No matter how many advils I took, I couldn't get comfortable. I also thought I was going to puke all night. Seriously, I might be dying.

Today I am going to get new sneakers to see if I can fix my tingling toes.

I swam this morning at 7 am at Kershaw. I can't believe I got up at 6 after getting like 3 hours of sleep to swim for 20 mins. It was fun though. The lake was kind of gross, and not really that cold! We were all at the pavilion getting ready to swim and these 3 dudes came walking over to us dressed in complete race outfits. They are sponsored by Crank Skin? None of us had ever heard of a Crank Skin before. Mary was dying (apparently Crank Skin = condom in Mary world!). Anyways, I knew one of the guys from a ride I did last Memorial Day, and one of the other guys knows my friend Ari. I guess they're doing Keuka so keep your eyes peeled for team Crank Skin!

I have Keuka Lake Olympic distance tri in 6 days so this week is sort of a mini-taper. I go from just doing a 16 hr week to a 7 hr week. Can't say I'm upset about that :P

I am dying now. I want to go do things because it's Memorial Day but I am exhausted. :( I think I will nap.


  1. Ha!! I wonder if it was my friend, Mark? He has a blog...Tridadoffive....funny guy.

    Great week(end)...that's a lot of miles in two days!

  2. I bet it was. because his name is Mark (the one that I met last year) - tall, dark hair and I think he teaches music or something at Geneseo maybe??

  3. Alexa! Great seeing you yesterday... again! I don;t know if you are aware of this, but the first time I ever met you was in Park Ave. Bike when you worked there. You sold me my first pair of tri shorts! is pretty cool. I will have to give you the skinny later, but they trick out rides for athletes. Kind of a "Pimp my ride" for bikes.


  4. Mark, I think I ran into you last year at Finger Lakes Tri also but I am HORRIBLE with names/faces! so don't take it personally that I don't remember you from PAB! :( I actually get recognized at tons of races because I worked there! I will not forget you now though.. especially in that kit! are you still doing any Bike Zone rides? I just did that one but it was fun, except getting lost on the way back.. I will looked for you and your Crankskinned bike at Keuka!


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