Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Classic Du

I like to write up my race reports ASAP so that nothing gets forgotten. I just got home from the Spring Classic Duathlon (Formula 1 distance) in Mendon, NY. Now I love Mendon Ponds Park. I run there all the time, I ride there all the time, I've done both road races and trail races there.. but that being said, it is hilly there!

Last night my internet/cable went down for several hours. Of course I freaked out for 2 reason: 1) what if my cable didn't come back on for the LOST series finale!!! and less importantly (haha) 2) I needed to get my race plan for this morning! I called Andy and had him log into my trainingpeaks account to see if the plan was in there but it wasn't, sure I figured it was in my email. I had to go to the Great Harvest Bread Co. (which sucks ass by the way) to use their free Wifi in order to look at it! There was a guy in there with boxes of Dungeons and Dragons cards and a trophy sitting on his table, but hey, I try to pee on myself - I don't judge.

Back to the race. Saw Solveig, Gretchen, and Joe C. there. The 3 of us girls wore our new unis (Joe does not have one). Here we are after the race!

Here we are with Joe C. who did not match and who is WAY TALLER than any of us!

Got there early, racked my bike. This duathlon is early in the season and is super laidback. I didn't put my race wheels on or anything because the road is pretty bumpy in places. It's a 2 mile run/10mile bike/1 mile run/10 mile bike/2 mile run. The run course is partially on trails. I don't care for duathlons but I really wanted to get out on my bike for a race, and I did this race last year so I would be able to compare my times. I do enjoy setting PRs :).

Here is the start of the race. You can tell it's me from the kit (green top/blue shorts) and my big ass.

I tried to hold back a little on the first run. It went fine. I came into transition with at least 5 women ahead of me. Last year I was 5th OA women and I wanted to better that this year. Unfortunately all of these women were pretty far ahead of me. And one was right behind me on the run who just flew away from me on the bike. I remember her from last year and the same thing happened. I managed to pass 2 women on the first bike leg. They both passed me back during the 2nd run (it was only a mile!). I caught one on the 2nd bike and then ANOTHER chick passed me and kept going. I started getting annoyed. Who were all of these women!? I usually go top 10 in olympic distance tris and I very rarely get passed by chicks and 3 passed me at a duathlon in freaking May! Anyways, I managed to hold this position for the final run (although the fast runner girl who was wearing GIGANTIC shorts that passed me in run #2 was right behind me) and I booked it in. I think I was 7th overall (official results will be posted later) and 1st (out of 2 - yuck) in my AG. So this is the 2nd year in a row I've won my age group. I can add another plaque to the dresser. I still LOVE getting awards but I have 3 plaques from the 3 Fleet Feet duathlons that I've done.

Here I am coming in from the first run.

I did not feel great racing today. I've had a week of recovery but my legs felt heavy, tired, and stiff. And I'm groggy from coming off stupid overnights. Instead of lining up at the start I wanted to crawl in the back of my car and take a nap. It was pretty humid during the race and definitely warm enough, and the new tri top does not breathe as well as my old one did. I wish we had been able to order the crop tops! Also I think my tri shorts are too big! I ordered smalls instead of XS because I have big quads and big ass, but I think I need to get smaller ones (especially since when they get wet they will be flopping around). It was still fun to run in the kit though! I saw Mary with her banner heading back into the park, and Kim and (I think) Ken at bike in.. so thanks to the 3 of you who came out to cheer!!

My time this year was 1:44:23 and last year it was 1:45:55. So although I do not feel like I raced well today, at least I did better than last year. I KNOW I am in better shape this year! However I am concentrating on long course and a setup like today favors people who can really hammer for a short amount of time. I can't. A 10 mile bike course and a 2 mile run course are just not long enough for me.

My 2 mile runs were 16:30 and 16:32 ( the first run was longer due to the starting line placement) with paces of 8:00 and 8:16. My 1 mile run was 8:56 (YUCK - I should have picked it up here). My first 2 runs were faster last year but last year I felt like shit on the 2nd bike, today I didn't.

My bike legs were 29:46 and 32:12 (19.7 mph and 18.2 mph). I was alone for a lot of bike 2. I was supposed to get these bike splits within a minute of each other. Whoops. These are similar to last year's times (30:xx and 31:xx).

So apparently I am just not getting any faster. I'm more fit, I can ride for longer, my swimming has improved, my weight is down. I SHOULD BE FASTER! :(


  1. Um...... you are training for Ironman sister. GOODBYE SPEED!

  2. ughhh.. I know. I have to bust my ass for speed anyways. I'm definitely a long course girl!

  3. great report, Alexa!! You guys all look great in your Train-This gear!

  4. Going Long is the cooolest! Good training day Alexa. And yeah you are def the no gu girl on my blog...its been that way for a while

  5. haha that's awesome, I like it! I usually just read your blog when it posts to Google Buzz


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