Thursday, June 10, 2010

big weekends coming up!

My dad tagged this photo of me on facebook. Yes, my parents use facebook! Wow, I was seriously cute (and grew up to be sooo modest!)! :)

I have come down from my race weekend high and I'm back into Ironman training reality. I am STILL SORE! My legs are just not used to anything high intensity. My Zipps are still on my bike and it's still dirty. My tri bag is laying on my kitchen floor with contents spilling out everywhere. My cycling shoes smell like DEATH. Seriously, I need tips on how to de-stank those things. It's because they get wet with lake water and then I ride in them and then I stuff them in a bag for 3 hours.. my feet don't smell!

I am getting SERIOUSLY psyched for vacation training camp! Less than 2 weeks! LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!! Rae and I have been emailing back and forth about the trek up there. She's worried about the training miles that weekend (sorry Rae, but I have no doubts that you will be FINE) but suprisingly, I am not. Seriously. I am not freaking out at all. 112 miles - all Lake Placid course? Whatever! Big hills? Who cares! I'm sure that will change when I actually lay my eyes on the hills. But please, just let me stay delusional for the time being. :)

I should be sporting some new jealousy-inducing threads while I'm there!

The other big thing I have coming up in less than 3 weeks is my 2nd 1/2 Ironman - Tupper Lake Tinman. I have not given this race too much thought. The fact is - I am so not worried about it. Last year I was freaking out before Musselman. I had no clue what I was doing, I had no clue how to race it, and I still finished in 5:40. This year I have done so much more swimming and cycling (running is probably about the same). My dear parents are going (since I am the only Train-This athlete doing this race) and they are bringing their dog who I love, AND they got me a "hotel room." By hotel room I really mean weird rental cabin from the 50s. But I don't care!

I remember when I was in awe of people who did half-IMs and now I'm nonchalant about a half and training for a full! I wouldn't have it any other way.

I still need to register for Syracuse 70.3 and the Toronto Marathon. I keep holding off because I don't want to waste money and then not be able to do these races (most likely due to post-Ironman leg amputation). But I also don't want to get closed out!


  1. LOL...called me out!!! Seriously, freaking out is my thing (and I think you do the same thing!!)

    But..ok. I hear Placid is totally flat. . Seriously, though, I am feeling better knowing that we are running only one loop Sunday...I thought Mary was going to make us do 26 miles!!! I can do 112 miles on Saturday...youll just need to bring me food after, cause youll be chilling for at least an hour before Im done :-P

  2. I DO freak out! which is why it's really weird that I'm super mellow about camp. um.. if we were running 26 miles on Sunday, I wouldn't be going. and beware, I am going to document this trip with a billion photos

  3. Just found your blog via Mark @ Triathlete Father of Five. Reading that you will be doing Lake Placid as your first Ironman this year. Good luck! I will be up there volunteering this year.

    Lemme know if you figure out how to de-stink your cycling shoes. I have basically given up @ this point. haha!

  4. Hi Jon! I was just given the tip of baby powder in the shoes before and after every ride! I will be testing it out (once I get some baby powder!)


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